Trance Session – Hump My Sock Foot Boy!

Know what I think is hot pet? In continuation of the foot journey we started with on Monday, I have created yet another super hot video to help [...]


Hypnotized into Jerking for Feet

Is it possible to become a foot fetish fiend when you have NEVER had toes or heels or soles turn you on before? Well of course, anything that [...]


Mind Manipulation in 2018

So 2018 has started with a literal BANG! Immediately after being at the awesome Exxxotica New Jersey convention, I booked my tickets for AVN 2018 here in Las [...]


Fighting with Mistress DJ?

CONTROVERSY I SEE! Sooo Yes I indeed am at war with Mistress DJ on Niteflirt. She can be found at https://www.niteflirt.com/Mistress%20DJ BUT before you go running off to tear [...]


Moving On!!! – Yup Had To Say Goodbye!

Did she just click bait us? Is Goddess Amberly leaving the interwebs? Does the smile on my face above say, “Adios!”? The answer is no, I am not [...]


Psycho Blackmailing Therapist

So many of you know that I do have a Master’s degree in Psychology. Well if you didn’t you do now! So why didn’t I go into a [...]


Blackmailed Into Debt

Can you actually blackmail someone into debt? Well, the answer is obviously yes but it is the HOW that most people can not wrap their heads around. Blackmail, [...]


Interrogations and Inspections Fetish – Webcam??

What is kinda like blackmail and hypnosis fetishes love child? INTERROGATION! Yes I know, not a new fetish but my spin on it is totally unique.. fuck I [...]


I got INTERVIEWED? Free Podcast Listen!

Listen to “E11 – Interview with Goddess Amberly Rothfield, Online Phone Domme Operator” on Spreaker.https://widget.spreaker.com/widgets.js I told you guys I would be getting interviewed! The lovely couple who [...]


His Wife FUCKED ME – Cuckold Corner

You read correctly, a wife fucked the HELL OUT OF ME. Though if you were to have watched, truly I did more of the fucking. Ok, ok so [...]