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Hypnosis Addicted Sex Junkie

I have decided to create a small series now that I have a bit more time. It is time to bring back some of My long not written about nor recorded… hypnosis mp3s. I still am only doing hypnosis calls by appointment and for the foreseeable future that will remain. In the meantime though, I […]

Are you the type of Submissive Male that I would Go After?

I am asked often whether or not I would chase after a pet… ok that is a lie. Usually it is some loser wanna be submissive male suggesting why I should want to go after them. NEWSFLASH: I have an extremely popular and ever growing website and one of THE top Dommes on Niteflirt. I […]


Oh You THOUGHT You Got Away – Teasing Blackmail

I have a special pet who is very ‘weak’ for Me, more so than any other pet. In fact, I gave him his pet name MrWeakling. He is addicted to My voice, he is addicted to pleasing Me and really has given up ALOT in order to call himself Mine. Have I let him go […]


Wrecking Your Wife Mentally for Goddess Amberly

I have said several times that I love power and the mp3 that you obtain by clicking the picture to the left illustrates this wonderfully! Ruining a pet is very simple but getting a hold of his wife/girlfriend/significant other or really anyone besides them is such a power trip for Me. Which also means it […]


How I Gather Blackmail Information on My Pets

I frequently get pets who think they are ‘safe’ and I can not find them… so naive. In this digital age, any time you go to any website you are leaving your self vulnerable. That said, I do not hunt down EVERYONE. My website gets over 3000 hits a day that are unique and 100’s […]


Hypnosis Phone Sex

What is Hypnosis Phone Sex: There is no umbrella catch all definition for the term, hypnosis phone sex. It really means a ton of different things to different people but  I am going to try my best to talk about the different facets of this wildly growing fetish. Even just 3 years ago, there were […]


How Can You Get Your Idea and Fetish Into My Mp3s

Have an idea for mp3, game etc… for Goddess to do? I have sooo many requests from blog comments, email and nf mail that I have decided to create a small form. This is no guarantee that I will actually use your idea for anything BUT it is a risk free way to find out if […]


Making Your Wife More Submissive

It is only natural for a Domme who actually calls wives, bosses, neighbors and anyone you know … to have the knowledge of how to bend a person to her power. I am frequently asked how to make a wife be more submissive. Not from a “women should bow to me standpoint” for the husband […]


Top 5 Hypnosis Mp3s

SOO MANY Hypnosis Mp3s to choose from… I was recently asked in the comments section of this blog about which of my Hypnosis mp3s are the best? I went to Niteflirt and looked up which ones, even after being out for years continue to be purchased and had the best reviews… Well here you go […]


Will You Fall For The Teasing?

This is a challenge that I love to issue every once in a long while. With all My mp3s. videos and games… most pets find they fall and fall hard for Me, the most incredible Domme on the internet. Hubris? Why yes it is! Glad that you noticed. There are some factors that predicate the […]

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