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ruin your marriage for domme

How to Ruin Your Marriage: For Goddess Amberly

Your Marriage Needs to End For You To Be HAPPY! NO no, I am dead serious.. Monogamy is such a farce as humans are not meant to be with just one person and if you are reading this right now, then clearly you need just a bit more in your life than your stuffy old […]

Lieutenant Blackmail

My morals are frequently called into question and yup each time they are found to be lacking. During My earlier years after high school, I landed an internship at the mental health department at a local military base. I loved studying psychology and especially the brain washing techniques that are often employed but I HATED […]


Salute to the Troops, Whom I Blackmailed

I would say its rare but truly I do believe this is a blog first for Me. I have an honest great respect for the women and even the men in uniform. I have worked on post as a civilian many a times in the mental health clinics over the years and seen so much […]


Tease Challenge Mp3

Everybody needs a good challenge sometimes and this new Niteflirt Goody Bag Mp3 is no different. I describe every … ‘ass’et that I have and how I use them to torment and tease. I have lately been doing daily Mp3s and releasing them now I have my upload issues fixed with Niteflirt. Pretty awesome so […]

Wife Humiliation and Home Wrecking Video

wife humiliation phone call by AmberlyRocks This is an oldie but definitely a goodie! Have you not heard the full mp3s in which I call wives and out their partners to them? Visit to find the mp3s! “OH but Goddess Amberly, I haven’t a wife or girlfriend…” This does not matter! The point of […]


New Sub Humiliation Photo

Isn’t this an interesting photo? A new sub came to Me tonight on trembling knees begging for humiliation and to be posted to My over 29k subscribers and over 50k website viewers a day. HA! Well here ya go… and you can Pay 200 to have it taken down


Niteflirt Mistress

Is it so brazen to call Myself The Niteflirt Mistress? Perhaps, but I fancy Myself to always be on top. Never been told it’s a bad thing and it is; afterall, why I am so attracted to blackmail. Any form of psychological power exchange has always been a fetish that truly excites Me. From Mkultra […]


Seducing a Friend’s Dad into Blackmail

Lying would probably make all this less deplorable but I actually prefer the naked truth in this one! While this mp3 was requested as a custom I decided to release it to everyone as it reminded Me of an extremely hot time I had in My perfect life. See as most of you know I […]


Custom Mp3s 10 minutes for $10

So My latest mp3 that I have created is about, surprise, blackmail. I tell you exactly how I know I will capture all who truly seek blackmail and how you are powerless against it. I am like a spider with an invisible web and I get all My prey. This mp3 is guaranteed to make […]


Tempting and Teasing Submissive To My Will

As life goes Goddess is ever changing her schedule but true to My Mistress nature I am forever a night owl. Now that I am settled into My new place for the time being, My new schedule is 10 pm to 3 am EST for the most part. To the left you will find a […]

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