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Realistic Simulated Blackmail Game

First off.. no its not out yet, but yes! There is in fact a game that will be released soon but only to certain pets. Many have asked about what would it be like to be under My control.. I have done games in the past before in which you could play out scenarios but […]


Things I Wish I Had Done Differently

A New Year and we all know everyone how just about everyone is making their resolutions. My blog is usually just updates for the past forever long of just Pay to Views I have put up; so I am taking a ‘real’ moment to not talk about resolutions.. but what I wish I had done […]


Another Wife Downed

Blackmail is not the only thing I am about no, but it is a subject that comes up a lot since I have redefined what it means to be a true taboo Mistress on the internet. Hubris? Why yes, I do have alot of it ;). But more to My recent exploit. I had a […]


Giving It Away

Why I give away mp3s, videos and photos? I get this question often actually… Sometimes from fellow Niteflirt flirts but usually from some idiot who hasn’t bothered to research Me at all before contacting. I thought the answer would be simple enough to understand but for some it must be elusive. Flirts, if you’re reading […]

ass video gif

Ass Worship Made Easy

Why do I need to tell you to click the image? How have you not done it by now? Seriously I took about 14 video clips, many that are previously unreleased and found the best of Ass portions and put them into ONE CLIP! It is about 10 minutes long and I included a fun […]


Get Blackmailed in 10 Steps

How many of you pets beg for blackmail… but want Me to chase you? I have always asserted that I never chase and for the most part it is true but recently I had an epiphany that I have in fact gotten so interested in a pet that I have chased before. Now those that […]


Cuckolded then Blackmailed

I get questioned on this subject SOOO often. Yes there is a way to blackmail pets who do not want it and it all depends on the kinks that make them tick. No its not by force but by needling them with their fetish of choice until they cave. Granted, this means you have to […]


Blackmail: A Dangerous Fetish for Thrill Seekers

It is true, blackmail is indeed for thrill seekers. A recent thrill seeker decided to call Me up and found he got in too deep. NOW I know many of My claims seem just too tall of a tale to not have proof but luckily I have it ;). The above mp3 is from the […]


Ultimate Mean Girl

Mean Girls, great movie! But in all candor it is totally true! I was seriously one of those mean girls who purposefully would set others up for failure and you know what? I honestly have no regrets. There will always be a class system in every society and it is the school of hard knocks […]


How to Get The Most out of a Hypnosis Fetish Call

I get asked frequently to do hypnosis calls… I guess it is because I am the best at all fetishes and because I advertise it? HAHA! I do love hypnosis calls but there are some faux pas that seem to run rampant especially with the unseasoned of pets. So I created this mp3 denoting the […]

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