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Goddess Goes to Jail for Blackmail 2016

That is right pets I am back and if you want all the nitty gritty details on my jailtime experience; from handcuffs to being felt up by a cop… just buy the mp3 here   I was gone for quite some time. Granted the time between this blog being updated and the arrest do not […]


He Wasn’t A Sissy Till He Met Me!

Sissification is something that I do enjoy, when you know it isn’t coupled with a ton of needy, hand holding, and co-dependent behavior. Many sissies are in fact just that though, which stinks BUT for the few who do not need copious amounts of attention… I love taking them on and for a ride they […]


Blackmail Fetish in 2016

Where has Goddess Amberly been? Well it is been a very busy 2015 but Goddess has been here still. I have done some custom mp3s as well as very few blog posts but I did land some big whales of pets. Time is money after all and those who bring 50k plus to me get […]


Financial Domination Facts

Financial domination is such an umbrella term but for some reason, many believe that it is just a narrow sect of BDSM. Really everything you can possibly do on Niteflirt, is in fact financial domination. (be it you being the sub or the flirt). This is why I am so big on not allowing for […]

Schedule A Niteflirt Call with Me

Hello my darling Niteflirt pets. Finally Goddess has a scheduling feature. Ok it is a contact form. Every night till the foreseeable future, I shall be available for calls but I know many desire to schedule calls in advance, ESPECIALLY HYPNOSIS CALLS! So put in the name field your NF name, in the comment section […]

I Truly Get Off On Life Ruination

Want to skip the rant and analysis of why you pets fall for my life ruining ways? Want to just buy the mp3 from Niteflirt? Fine Click below I can’t say that I am truly in full understanding of why you submissive males trip over yourselves to fall before me. I mean I am a […]


Call Her Stephanie Jenner

Yes this is totally a jab at Caitlyn Jenner though I actually find her fabulous and this poor sissy to be a sad imitation. Steph came to me and begged to be outed on one of the most popular BDSM blogs on the internet. You know… ;). After making an agreement, a flood of […]


Will you ever be an Alpha Male? – R vs k brought to BDSM

What is R Vs k? Well if you are a follower of Free Domain Radio then you wouldn’t be a reader of my blog or at least one who actually contacts me. Basically R’s would be the Alpha’s of the world which makes the k’s betas. It takes a bit of each to keep the […]


A Cuckoldstress’s Guide to Getting a Slave to Pay For Her Date

I often get asked if I do anything BUT blackmail anymore…. I do indeed and one of my favorite fetishes is cuckolding. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like going out on a date and having a submissive male pay for it all? Now, this is clearly not everyone’s fetish so there are considerations to be […]

Marriage Ruination: How Niteflirt Dommes Will Fuck You UP!

Marriage is something that I take for granted.. and by granted I do mean I think it is really stupid. The fact that your on a porn site and married means 9/10 times that you are in fact hiding it from your spouse. Which of course means I automatically have leverage. What many do not […]

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