17 Hot Niteflirt Tease Videos

To the right my pets you will find a link to my latest 17 videos, well really it was my original first 4 spliced up into 5 minute segments (some with more segments than others obviously). For those who buy more than 4 get a 5th free upon messaging me back successfully. Thinking of making a game out of the videos as well pet… Hmm extreme tease and denial niteflirt video game? Make you have to find minute details and recant them back to me properly in order to get an added never before seen clip or perhaps audio mp3? Who knows!

This labor day weekend means lots of partying and playing for Princess but dont worry I will have my lines on. For those of you who have long awaited my lines to drop back to 2.99 a minute your prayers have been answered. Starting today I will be on more regularly at my old rate of 2.99. My life is still just as busy but now pets I have time to actually focus on ruining more of my pets lives virtually and not just in person! Expect LOTS more mp3s as well to start coming out and perhaps I will even start my weekly podcast again… who knows!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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