2 Domme Niteflirt Girl Fight

Niteflirt Domme Who Couldn’t!

So many of you over last weekend got emails on niteflirt that were basically lies about myself. It held some obvious truths but other than what they could prove… the rest was well not real… We covered this in my last blog post… What the jealous niteflirt managed to do was to get in hot water by breaking terms of service though lol! So what does a twit do when they set out to take down a legend and fail miserably? They message me on yahoo and cry and whine about how they lost their account and pout that those who got messaged STILL call and buy my wares… Pathetic I know but it was hilarious. As soon as she added me on yahoo I KNEW something was amiss and started recording my desk top and it proved to be GOLD!

This niteflirt psycho gets reamed by the most perfect and cruel Princess and shown exactly what happens when perfection meets idiots… You simply can not take down someone who is as clearly amazing as the ultimate Niteflirt Fem Domme, at least not by using lame tactics.

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Other Niteflirt Pets:

I recently have had a rash of pets that do not annoy me and make me want to just keep my listings high, as I normally do… I am usually 2.99 but lately you are all so boring and frankly… well yeah BORING I have kept my rates so high I know most of you can not afford it… My little engine that couldn’t has circled back around after a nasty bout of cummer’s remorse and has been in line till recently… you know who you are. He needs to learn boundaries as well as how to follow instructions. I love a pet with a bit of a non submissive streak in him and I love beating and teasing this little niteflirt pup into submission. He is turning into quite the good little lap dog.

Alternatively, as cruel as Mistress is, I can also have a soft side to BDSM and niteflirt domination. I have recently taken on a pet who is going through a very difficult time with his personal life and with my degree in hypno-therapy as well as extensive knowledge in psychology, am helping him find an out. I will eventually use Mk Ultra to also turn him into a little addict… who am I kidding he already is… and also play with him but he already knows that. I prefer pets who are at the peak of their game before they take their diabolical leap into my evil little palm.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Dtrain0204 October 15, 2011, 3:27 pm

    Goddess Amberly continues to lead her little train down the track, next stop is an obedient lap dog panting at her feet. Awaiting his next command to follow his Mistress’ instructions and be a good little pet that follows the rules.