A Cuckoldstress’s Guide to Getting a Slave to Pay For Her Date

I often get asked if I do anything BUT blackmail anymore…. I do indeed and one of my favorite fetishes is cuckolding. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like going out on a date and having a submissive male pay for it all?

Now, this is clearly not everyone’s fetish so there are considerations to be taken in. So how does Goddess Amberly, the Ultimate Niteflirt Mind Fuck Mistress get just about any guy to become a cuckold?

The answer is simple. When you are wicked and know how to break into someone’s mind like I do, you naturally get people following you and wanting to know more about you. It is that curiousity that I prey upon and use to my advantage. I have a pet pay to hear the story of my latest date with an Alpha Male. That is simple enough and doesn’t make a sub a ‘cuck’ per say.

It is the lacing of the details of the date and the imagery that I weave that make a ‘vanilla’ sub become a good cuckold though. Anyone can just talk about their past night but it takes extreme skill to make a pet feel as if they are truly there with the Goddess and watching the date from afar. It is all about the story telling really.

I make sure to tell my subs about my date from their perspective. It is as if you are there watching, rather than experience my verison of events. You become apart of the action, rather than just listening to some boring retelling. It is this seed that I put into my potiental cuck’s head that makes them want to go further.

“But Goddess!?! How can I go further? Isn’t it just the same as listening?” It can be, unless you are a Superior BDSM Domme like myself. This is where I have a pet help me select my next date. I then have that pet pay for it and in exchange, they get to listen to it live or I can record it. Gotta love modern day technology no?

The pet gets to listen as we go about to the different venues, our dirty comments, our heavy petting and especially as Goddess gets pleasured by a real man. You get to see the outfits that I will select to go out on the date with and for those pets who pay a bit extra? They even get to see my stud pleasuring me! I won’t lie though… that last bit is not cheap at all ;).

It is almost like watching/listening to porn but it is live and you had a hand in the …. ‘production’. You get to know you actually took part in truly satisifying a woman haha! For many of you I know that that would be a first.

Have you ever participated in an actual cuckold scenerio? Seriously, I would love to hear about it. I love analyzing the psychology behind what pets think and do when they are actually being cucked and know it.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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