Ass Worship Made Easy

ass video gifWhy do I need to tell you to click the image? How have you not done it by now? Seriously I took about 14 video clips, many that are previously unreleased and found the best of Ass portions and put them into ONE CLIP! It is about 10 minutes long and I included a fun challenge to see if you stroking junkies can make it. I am warning you though that viewing the video to its entirety will make you so freakishly weak you will not know what to do with yourself… other than hand your submissive butt into My firm and controlling hands.

Like this video/idea? Don’t worry pet because I am coming out with LOADS more. I am going to work on a breast one and feet one later this week.

I am still working on redoing My website, half way through getting stuff done I decided to once again go into a different direction. I want to make My website way more easy to understand and navigate around especially for those new to it. I now have SOOO many posts, pictures, videos, mp3s etc that if your hoping to find more on one subject… it sometimes can get confusing.

SOO many of you pets have participated in My, Get Blackmailed without Filling out a Contract pay to view it is unreal! I priced it high to see who is truly interested in My attention and then to watch the 100 tributes pour in? My twitter shows it best… seriously it does! This weekend alone Goddess banked over 3k and on track to a 10k month on Niteflirt and as you all know… this is just My side thing I do for fun. Not too shabby.

In other news, I have a relatively new pet who is making marks on My radar. He calls me when he is ‘walking his dog’ and though he can not even touch himself, he just is anxious to hear My voice and tributes Me so well once he is back home. Perhaps Goddess will do a personalized mp3 just for him to show him how amazing I find him to be. Also seen whom I shall refer to as dawolfman coming up the ranks. No not blackmail either, but one of My newly prized non blackmail pets. He is very intelligent and I L O V E our conversations. Seriously we can chat for hours on the topic of hypnosis and its implications.  Sissy Michelle is making her rounds again… GOSH I Love playing with such a fun little Barbie doll!

Can’t wait to see who will impress me next 😉

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • andy November 9, 2014, 8:40 pm

    i made it ten minutes without coming and don’t want to be blackmailed 😉