Personalized Blackmail

That is right pets, Goddess has created a new Niteflirt pay to view game that is tailored just for you, my Personalized Blackmail Game! I guess the word [...]


Carmen Dioxide: New Webcam Goddess

Meet my new friend coming to Niteflirt! She doesn't have her account up and ready but I shoot her on a bi monthly basis and in a few [...]


Seductive Click and Train Game

Yes your favorite seductive Goddess has been MIA a tinge at least with blogging. I am still working on www.piggyplaypen.com as we speak and also updating this blog [...]


Mistress May I Cum?

We both know the only way you get to cum is if a hot Mistress such as myself allows you too. Well since I am busy getting my [...]


Break Up With Your Domme For You

Yes you read that correct, I will break up with your Domme for you so you can serve THE DOMME! Never before seen or done and yes I [...]


Get Out of Blackmail

May it never be said that I actually give a fig about any of you blackmail junkies. I do this not to keep some of you from a [...]


Blackmail Game: Entrap Yourself!

Those who haven't guessed, I love blackmail. No it is not the only fetish that I enjoy but BOY does it get the blood going no? I am [...]


Princess! Blackmail Me MAKE ME PAY…

This is a non pay to view up date blog post, long time since I have done that right? I have been back for a bit now after [...]


Niteflirt: NLP Trigger Words For Slave

My Niteflirt pet Holly GoLitely has gotten again too egotistical and needs to be brought down a few notches. So because I have been working extensively with her [...]


Is Your Wife The Type to be Manipulated?

Daily I get asked if I could manipulate someone's wife, friend, girlfriend, neighbor and any other person in their life. The answer is not as simple as one [...]