Blackmail Game: Entrap Yourself!

Blackmail or Not Game: Ultimate Tease to Ensnare! Those who haven’t guessed, I love blackmail. No it is not the only fetish that I enjoy but BOY does [...]


Princess! Blackmail Me MAKE ME PAY…

This is a non pay to view up date blog post, long time since I have done that right? I have been back for a bit now after [...]


Niteflirt: NLP Trigger Words For Slave

Niteflirt Slave Becomes Nympho On Command: My Niteflirt pet Holly GoLitely has gotten again too egotistical and needs to be brought down a few notches. So because I [...]


Is Your Wife The Type to be Manipulated?

Wife Manipulation Made Easy: Daily I get asked if I could manipulate someone’s wife, friend, girlfriend, neighbor and any other person in their life. The answer is not [...]


Happy Birthday to Princess!!!

My blog fell by the wayside because of all my birthday preparations and tonight I am going out with friends!!!! Pictures will be posted in my private area [...]


Forced Masturbation Mp3

Forced Masturbation Niteflirt Challenge: Before I get into the latest happenings with my little Niteflirt jealous Domme, I thought I would let you know about my latest mp3. [...]


2 Domme Niteflirt Girl Fight

Niteflirt Domme Who Couldn’t! So many of you over last weekend got emails on niteflirt that were basically lies about myself. It held some obvious truths but other [...]


Cock Teasing Niteflirt Assignment

Niteflirt Tease and Denial My latest assignment is so juicy pet, my latest tease and denial set of tasks with some very juicy pictures. I selected my favorite [...]


Latest Loser

Scott Dutrow, cell# 301-305-0792, Emmitsburg, MD Scott     frankly not interesting enough to look more up on him… put i know you sick pups out there have [...]


Home Wrecking Wife Humiliation: What is the Worst I Could Do To Your Wife

Wife Humiliation: The Worst I Could Do To Your Wife! What could Princess Amberly possibly to further my latest fetish of wife humiliation? Well my pets that is [...]