Impress Mistress: Get Into My Blackmail Sights or how to stay OUT

After my response from Tuesdays update… I have had so MANY emails I cant keep up! Many of you were disappointed that I hadn’t even heard of you… [...]


I Have Blackmail Information ON YOU! YES YOU

You read about all the losers who have fallen in this blog, all of the lives I have destroyed and all of the idiots who filled out my [...]


My Favorite Live Blackmail Exposure Call

This week has been so busy I haven’t had time to pull my recordings off my external hard drive; so I went through my Niteflirt story at www.piggyplaypen.com [...]


Cock and Cash Control / Slave Updates

One of my most devious posts to date pets… I know so many of you fear my blackmail and realize how ruthless I am… so you steer clear [...]


Fantasy Blackmail Game: Find Out if I would Expose you or You would Make it out SAFELY!

So as you pets know, I really do not like fantasy… if you call me and contact me and want to just get away from reality you are [...]


A Submissive’s Place

Over the years it seems that you submissives have warped from your definition. Everyone agrees that a submissive person is in a lower class than a Superior person; [...]


My Niteflirt Submissive Female

So those of you on my niteflirt list should already know about Holly Golitely if not clicky here pets http://www.niteflirt.com/Hollygolitely . And if the link doesn’t light up [...]


Addiction Niteflirt Assignment

So I finally managed to find time during the week to update my blog other than on Fridays.. and this time it is a truly devious update! You [...]


Submissive Failure: Double or NOTHING Challenge…

I waited a long time to post the results of my challenge because well.. you all failed to complete it… Oh but Mistress I didn’t cum, I held [...]


Blackmail Challenge: Can You Beat Mistress Amberly?

  Yes I KNOW! OMFG Princess is putting up another podcast after SOOO LONG! IT was bound to happen… I just like to watch you losers squirm cause [...]