Addiction Niteflirt Assignment

So I finally managed to find time during the week to update my blog other than on Fridays.. and this time it is a truly devious update! You [...]


Submissive Failure: Double or NOTHING Challenge…

I waited a long time to post the results of my challenge because well.. you all failed to complete it… Oh but Mistress I didn’t cum, I held [...]


Blackmail Challenge: Can You Beat Mistress Amberly?

  Yes I KNOW! OMFG Princess is putting up another podcast after SOOO LONG! IT was bound to happen… I just like to watch you losers squirm cause [...]


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

I have gotten alot of calls on this topic recently. I know its not on my listings and my website for the better part of going on two [...]


Your Wife My Slave: Femme on Femme Destruction

So pets you have had your Mistress Amberly working so hard lately, and by working hard I mean out spending all the gift cards I keep getting dropped [...]


Special Blackmail Assignment

So Pets I have found another Domme who is going to be outed hehe. And for one special pet they will be my henchmen in the deal. Could [...]


Blackmail Mole

What is a blackmail mole you little niteflirt wimps ask? Well it seems pets its time for my biggest secret to be unleashed. As my site gets more [...]


Hypnotic Body Worship

Your Niteflirt Princess has done it again! I have made one of the hottest and most intoxicating videos and mixed in subliminal messages to warp your brains! I’ve [...]


Blackmail Slave and Financial Wallet Raping

Looking for mp3s or assignments? Losers I put out the BEST mp3s of the century in my last post, if you haven’t listened to a pet exposing me [...]


The Slave Who Tried To Blackmail ME!

Before I get to the story about the newest idiot to hit an all time low with me, here is the corrected link to my Blackmail Confessional mp3 [...]