The Slave Who Tried To Blackmail ME!

Before I get to the story about the newest idiot to hit an all time low with me, here is the corrected link to my Blackmail Confessional mp3 [...]


Blackmailing the Fake Domme

What constitutes a fake Domme in my book? It is simple! Someone who in real life does not believe in female superiority. And Mistress ” Sasha” clearly lives [...]


My Blackmail Process

So it seems you pets need me to explain my blackmail process to you… So many of you come begging me to just simple research you without even [...]


NiteDomme ID Exposed!!

Oh yes pets little Miss Kimberly/Sasha will be exposed to those pets who tribute $100 or over TONIGHT! For the rest of you losers you can wait till [...]


Niteflirt Financial Domintion

So I didn’t do a blog update last week… opps? I have been so busy lately raping wallets and keeping this new Niteflirt Domme I have working for [...]


Niteflirt Domme Exposed

The mp3 you are have been waiting for is HERE NOW. The Domina on Niteflirt that for the past 3 months I have owned is now at the [...]


Blackmail Message to YOUR Female Friends and Lovers

So I have taken it upon myself to send out my first official message to the women in your life. It has come to my attention that you [...]


Niteflirt Blackmail Size Up

What is blackmail size up? Simple pets, it is when I am on Niteflirt and I size you losers up to each other. Niteflirt has a nifty feature [...]


How To Keep A Slave Enslaved in Blackmail

You shaky little niteflirt pets are back and drooling of your favorite blackmail Mistress again. It seems you guys are worried about the Princess because I am blackmailing [...]


Blackmailed by Princess

You blackmail bats have been going crazy over my latest paid mails about how to get inducted into my latest blackmail designed trap: Mental Assimilation. For those of [...]