Blackmail Slave Assignment

Oh so I have been so busy with this “domme” that I am controlling I again haven’t had time to update my blog!!! However ONE of you or [...]


Domme that “Domme” Update

So my little pet saw my post and of course got really scared!! Apparently a couple of her guys also follow me and are calling up Niteflirt Dommes [...]


Making Your Wife Submissive

So it is rare that I can not update you Niteflirt submissive boys via my blog, meaning put all details in here. So I will tell you what [...]


Female Blackmail Victim

Soo what comes tomorrow? After a month long hiatus??? The preview to my latest family I crushed… only this one hits a little close to home to your [...]


One Sick Niteflirt Princess

Soo no real update this week as I’ve been SUPER sick as of late but on Tuesday a HUGE update is coming who is excited?


Blackmail Slave Exposed

* edited * retard paid for NOW …. but he still owes 125 on Friday, if he doesn’t pay then its all back up!


Mistress Humiliation

So on to the fun stuff first right pets? I know you Niteflirt addicts have such short attention spams its. So my submissives first is the latest video [...]


Phone Sex Recordings : Are You Being Filmed?

Undoubtedly, when your stroking off and getting close to that sweet orgasm you little addicts are do desperate to achieve, do you not think about the un-sexy and [...]


Cuckold Phone Sex

So I promised you Niteflirt freaks a ton of mp3s with today’s update, it fell seriously short due to time constraints but I did manage to get something [...]


Financial Domination: How I Took Every Last Dollar

So in my last post I told you Niteflirt addicts about how this Mistress loves to suck in guys who do not wish to be fully financially controlled [...]