Blackmailing Losers Who Do Not Want it

A custom mp3 detailing to you losers exactly HOW I got information from a non blackmail enthusiast pet. This is chilling mp3 and will not only show you [...]


Wife’s Lawyer Calls!

After fighting with this Niteflirt addict’s wife on the internet and over the phone I get a call from her lawyer. Again I tell this idiot about how [...]


Giantess Trampling and Seduction Mp3

So my first Niteflirt newsletter comes out tomorrow for those of you subscribed to the link above, if you are not be sure you do because the update [...]


Wife Humiliation

For those of you living under a rock, Janet is the Niteflirt addict’s wife who seems to think she can get one up on me! This woman needs [...]


Niteflirt Hot Ass Summer

Niteflirt is, at least the best flirts on Niteflirt, celebrating National Anal Sex MONTH! Do not get your hopes up losers, its not MY ASS that will be [...]


Lawsuit and Wife ARE REAL OMG

Click below to buy the mp3 in which I recorded this crazy bitch calling me repeatedly over the past 3 days trying to get me to leave her [...]


Mistress Blackmail Humiliation Mp3 and Cheerleading Tease

I love driving you simple little souls crazy with my teasing body and extremely cunning wit. So I have put out for sale my new cheer leading tease [...]


How I Trap Losers into Blackmail!

Wish to find out how exactly I trap you losers and bring you to your knees? Why would I put such a hardcore mp3 out there that would [...]


Niteflirt Twitter Got DIRTY!

Edit: going to be putting up the new theme off and on today, so if the site looks messed up I KNOW, my tech time and I are [...]


New Loser on BLAST

Media, Pennsylvania, United States Comcast Cable ( The Ip address of my latest fuck up…. should I do more research and put all his info on my site [...]