Christmas In July Pictures

So for you losers it must be Christmas mas in July! I have created two more picture sets from my never before seen pictures for your wanking pleasure… [...]


65 Votes In

Seems Scenario Two and Five are winning with Scenario 3 coming up behind. CAST YOUR VOTE losers!


Decide Blackmail Losers FATE

So I have done it… I finally created the ultimate in blackmail experience with this latest reality game. It is a reality game because this is REALLY going [...]


Personal Updates: A look into my life as of late

It has been a while since I have done a none promotional blog post and I have deviated far from my blogging roots and my personal touch. Sigh… [...]


Princess Destroys Submissive

Is this the hottest blackmail video preview or WHAT? The answer for you dweebs is yes it really is! I have done it again and again rolling in [...]


Blackmail Exposure Video and Mind Hacking

My latest additions to my ever growing addiction line is HERE!! Your Princess Amberly has produced the worst video to ever hit the internet in terms of the [...]



to be changed later


New Mistress Pictures and Sissy Mp3s

So as a treat to you Niteflirt slaves your gracious Mistress Amberly has decided to release some preview pictures from my latest photo shoot, paid for by Jessie [...]


Jeremy Ewing: Exposure Part 1

So what is the blackmail gallery below and what did some shameful do recently to land on my page? Jeremy Ewing told himself that he would never find [...]


Small Dick Humiliation

I could really use a laugh losers, so why don’t you send in your pictures of your tiny ass cocks for me and my Niteflirt girlfriends to laugh [...]