New Mistress Pictures and Sissy Mp3s

So as a treat to you Niteflirt slaves your gracious Mistress Amberly has decided to release some preview pictures from my latest photo shoot, paid for by Jessie [...]


Small Dick Humiliation

I could really use a laugh losers, so why don’t you send in your pictures of your tiny ass cocks for me and my Niteflirt girlfriends to laugh [...]


Blackmail Pet Exposed

If you Niteflirt slaves missed my tweets last night you missed so much! I have a new blackmail phone pet who actually tried to test me to see [...]


Blackmail Pyramid: World Domination

Your Niteflirt Princess Amberly has truly had a stroke of genius, no that wasn’t a pun… It is way to easy to get blackmail information on you bozos [...]


Niteflirt Tributes

Ok so this is a more Niteflirt fin domme post but whatever…. I am almost at the 10,000 mark of money made on Niteflirt, for THIS MONTH! Fucking [...]


Niteflirt Ultimate Family Destruction Assignment

I had a stroke of genius last night and let my premium list of losers access a rare paid mail on Niteflirt. I created what will be known [...]


Life After Blackmail Mp3

Yet another soon to be legendary blackmail mp3 created by me, something few Domme’s will even devulge but your lucky… I go above and beyond with the blackmail [...]


Seduction Niteflirt Game

For those who missed the link, here is the Niteflirt Seduction Mp3 game buy now button:


Princess Seduction Mp3 Game

Your Niteflirt Princess throws another one out of the ball park again… I made the most devious Niteflirt game even BETTER! I know who would have thought huh? [...]


Financial Domination

Your niteflirt princess has been so busy lately! With the success of my latest blackmail game it is no wonder I even have the time to post in [...]