Mp3 Sale: Buy one Get One 3 day sale

For 3 days from today 12/22/2013 I am allowing you pets to buy one mp3 and get another of equal or less value for free just be sure [...]


Extreme Blackmail Addiction: How Bill Fell

I have many pets whom I would indeed call extremists; always looking for the next high when it comes to their fetishes. Fetishes can often be better than [...]


Will you Fall For MY Blackmail?

Hello pets! I have been super busy with My personalized pay to view game that came out recently. Seems you pets can not get enough of My attentions; [...]


New Stroking Addict Humiliation

Photo Paid to Be taken Down: That is a pet of mine indeed; jizzing on his credit card he uses to pay Me. I tell ya, tributing Me [...]


Female Niteflirt Submissives

Oh click on the screen shot to My left pets and see something that I see on a daily basis; not sure why ever it took Me so [...]


Blackmail Seduction Game : Multi Media!

Welcome back My little pets, as you can see I have yet another game out. My other games from the past weeks have been so successful in capturing [...]


Steven Kennan

530 368 3978 John Kennan, Steven Kennan, 621 32 8374. 2309 catalina circle, ocean side, califorina apt 201 92056. 470 405 2502.   470 405 2502… Remember the [...]


Cock Control

Oh the Goddess of Niteflirt LOVES to control your cock… no I mean seriously. Sexualty for centuries has been the way to control the masses; be it by [...]


Slave Video: Watch My Humiliated Submissive Worship Me

Check out this free video of one of My recent cam sessions with a submissive. Watch as this drunken idiot writes all over himself and just looks utterly [...]


Sissification Series: Part One Craigs List

So pets lots of updates. Trey received many calls and complained to Me that he didn’t want blackmail BWAHAHAA. This was not blackmail pet! You don’t follow through [...]