Cock Control

Oh the Goddess of Niteflirt LOVES to control your cock… no I mean seriously. Sexualty for centuries has been the way to control the masses; be it by [...]


Slave Video: Watch My Humiliated Submissive Worship Me

Check out this free video of one of My recent cam sessions with a submissive. Watch as this drunken idiot writes all over himself and just looks utterly [...]


Sissification Series: Part One Craigs List

So pets lots of updates. Trey received many calls and complained to Me that he didn’t want blackmail BWAHAHAA. This was not blackmail pet! You don’t follow through [...]


Trey the Basement Dweller Blackmail loser exposed

SOO Trey lives with his parents and they keep him under lock and key cause he spends every time he can on online dommes… Well he lied to [...]


Strap Ons and Sissification Humiliation

You guys have been commenting and asking for a strap on video so here it is! 7 Minutes of the most wicked body and mind out there. I [...]


Forced Panty Wearing and Sissification Hypnosis

What a new mp3? Goddess has been doing a bunch of mp3s lately so sit back and enjoy as your eardrums will soon be filled with My voice. [...]


Control: New Meaning

Thats right, I have redefined the meaning of a very popular fetish yet again. A group of My Domina friends have ganged up and unveiling a new website [...]


New Phone Hours: Free Minutes Read Entire Post

So Goddess is actually taking calls regularly again. You can catch Me from 6 pm to 6 am every night Eastern Standard time. Oh did I mention free [...]


Update on My Favorite Pets

So Goddess has been busy lately and this week will be in VEGAS, on yeah!  But before I go a post about some of My favorite current pets. [...]


Summer Time Blackmail

Hello pets! This is My latest game, released this weekend to those on My customer lists but now posting here. My website has been up and down as [...]