Back From NYC

I know your all probably twisting and turning as that burning desire of Princess attention is pulling at your veins. I mean I was gone for like 4 days, but never fear I am back and well!

I had a BLAST in NYC; went shopping of course * for the few of you in my Elite Pig Squad you will see the video of me doing so *, went to the Museum of Natural History and Science with a boy toy of mine as well * might I add that we didn’t really spend our time looking at the exhibits* and we also went to the wax museum.

The highlight of it all was of course Saturday night when we went to a comedy club off of 78th and Broadway. The infamous Charlie Murphy was there and let me tell you that he is so much hotter in real life than on TV not to mention twice as funny.

As you all know the real purpose of going out to the BIG CITY, was to see my newly inducted Elite Pig Ginger. ( see his blackmail post from a few weeks ago ). Ginger went above and beyond rather quickly and was inducted into my Elite Pig Squad last Wendesday night, only to turn around and pay for my entire trip to New York as well as any expenses I deemed him worthy to pay for. Did he hesitate? No! Did he pay? Yes! As a treat I let him do what hardly any man has been allowed, to be personally cuckolded by me! He watched as me and my black stud of the night had wet and wild sex and even cleaned me after like a good boy! Ginger had the time of his loser life!

Those of you page stalkers might have noticed that cutechoirboy’s post is still unlocked even after all this weekend! It will remains so! He believes he can waste my time without paying proper tributes like a good piglet and as such here is his punishment. I heard he had to change his phone numbers so many of you loyal losers and fellow divas harassed him so much! Poor broke loser! On the plus side though I did receive my shoes and web cam he bought for me off my wishlist. To bad he won’t get to see me live on web cam now will he?

I will be on Niteflirt again starting tonight you pathetic stroker boys so be sure to get your Amberly fix! Tomorrow I should have a blackmail phone sex podcast up for you guys interested in how blackmail works with me!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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