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Ok so my podcast, finally we go over it jeez, is about bisexuality and lesbianism. Why people think just because I am young and dominant, I must be lesbian I do not know…. Guess if I was a full blown lesbian I would be considered a lipstick lesbian being as I like dressing up and being frilly as opposed to the sterotypical butch girl. I am in fact bisexual for those who would really like to know.

Though I enjoy a girl from time to time and find them so pretty and soft and wonderous, I prefer on a more frequent occasion the company of a hard bodied huge cocked guy * podcast on my size obcession later, yes I am a size queen*. Real men know how to handle a woman’s body and just make her feel weightless and relaxed and so uncaring. Women make you feel so pretty and furfilled and even more glamourous than you once thought you could be.  Both are great feelings that I have to have on at least a weekly basis but its that of being with a guy that I much prefer.

As to how I came to the realization that I am in fact bisexual, that would rest on the fact that Austin, Texas is a great fucking fetish town full of hot bisexual and bicurious girls! When I arrived at my sororities chapter house, I was literally acosted by some of the hottest girls I have ever seen outside of porn videos. So young, tight bodied, skimpy barely there clothes, long hair and designer fragrances. Most guys would have kissed the ground and proclaimed it nirvana I;however, felt a bit intimdated. Usually I am the Queen Bee amongst the throng of jealous and hating girls, but here I had to work my way to the top. *please note didn’t take long, just the hazing rituals and like two parities then I was pretty much planning all our pep rallies and galas*.

The girls encouraged bisexuality and lesbianism, for more details feel free to give me a ring *winks*. It wasn’t long before me and my best gal pal in the house decided to explore and that was a night to remember, you can always call me to hear about that as well. It was through this experienced I learned that I wasn’t lesbian so much as bi sexual and me and Chella remain pals and even do a few videos and calls together to this day.

My opinions on the matter of lesbianism and bisexuality is that there is to much stigma around it which propetuates it being taboo. It is no more taboo than straight sexed desires as they are as inate and embedded in our biological make up as any other impulse. From the beginning of human times the curiosity for same sex relationships have not only thought about but acted upon and appears numerous times through out history and amongst some of the greatest leaders who have shaped the world. It should be accepted and condoned. The need to come out of the closest is 100% obsured as it is unneeded. There should be no preverbal closet caging those who have such feelings.

It is also my observation that everyone has an ounze of bisexuality in them or more. We all look at those in our same sex and size them up to say the least. He’s ugly, shes pretty, he is really muscular, she has a mustache or he is going bald. If you are a man and you can classify a guy as handsome you had to create a standard in your head of what is attractive to yourself. Therefore, making yourself some what bisexual. Maybe you would never have sex with another man or do sexual acts with a man present but you do classify what is and what is not deemed attractive in the male gender in your eyes and vise versa with us females.

Happy Fetishes!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Billy Joe November 18, 2008, 12:17 am

    Yes Princess only very special Men Deserve you not the pathetic piece of shit that I am to you and not all Dominant women are Lesbian which can be very important in a situation

  • Dick Hyoodge December 13, 2008, 12:18 am

    I pretty much figured that most, in not all, University of Texas sorority chicks were lesbian. Your blog now confirms that. I don’t blame them. Most guys at U.T. have dicks the size of *censored*.

  • Amberly December 15, 2008, 9:27 pm

    Um I am bisexual not lesbian and it has nothing to do with my fucking college its cause girls are HOT there genius. And most guys here have nice sized cocks, gotta love them basketball players *winks*

  • L.H. February 4, 2015, 8:28 am

    I believe I have to agree with You Mistress Amberly. Actually, I have different deffinitions for things:
    1. Sex: One’s gender and hability to perpetuate the species through reproduction. Meaning, basically our body, male or female that allows us to make babies.
    2. Sexuality: Our hability to give, receive and share sex pleasure through body actions, mind actions, emotional actions, whatever.
    In that sense, the expression of one’s Sexuality doesn’t necessarily need a partner from the oposite sex. Just two human beings sharing pleasure between them in whatever way they find fit.