Blackmail Boss Revealed

It truly baffles me how overall stupid you men can honestly be… I mean you see me dish the gruesomest of dirt on a family then torment them… YET some of you found this as a TURN ON and RUSHED to pay and submit to my Blackmail application. Normally I post password protected posts to hide and yet NOT HIDE the identity of you weasels but there have been WAY to many that did it right. Going to figure out a way to doing this soon so that I can have all you buffoons up and easier to track but not clutter up my front page.

Anyways back to the MP3 on hand… Click below to listen to my LATEST RELEASE of the Thompson family drama, I show JUST HOW POWERFUL I am to little Mrs Emma and how I will make her suffer.  Meanwhile Eddie is paying EXTRA asking for the release of the EMMA Sucks COCK video tape! That’s right I have a video of her sucking and ME ok the phone being my bratty little self!

Also below HERE you can see the TOPIC of this blog post! Brian thought he could play it cool with me, that the Thompsons were fake and Emma a well paid actress. So he pays what he is suppose to but is otherwise just a COMPLETE annoyance to me.. YUCK! I do not have time for whiny little games, if you wish to be needy and annoying you can pay EXTRA! So when ordered to pay extra for his little games he disappears. No biggie! I just called his boss and what was SAID in that conversation you can hear HERE!

This is SHEER verbal debasement from me and of course the revelation of Brian’s underbelly! His boss hangs up a couple of times but as I keep calling back hears more and more and becomes more INTERESTED in what I have to say! See Brian… I’ll make my money off you; either you give it up or I’ll TAKE IT!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • jtff December 23, 2009, 7:15 pm

    Everyone needs to buy thos MP3 it is great Amberly you are amazing please keep it up

  • JohnEvals January 19, 2010, 10:14 pm

    You must admire the guts of Amberly, she does not take a no for a no, persistently she keeps on, getting her message through. And within 15 minutes Amberly is on better terms with this Brians Boss (a fat woman)than Brian will ever be aqain. Even though she tells the woman that she is a fat bitch. Brian you have fucked up big time, or actually Amberly has fucked you over thoroughly, caught up in her web you did not stand a chance, never did. She really delights in your demise..