BlackMail Ronald Learns A Lesson

EDITED: Ronnie has paid his debt.

So Ronald… Moron Ron as I will now call you and refer to you in this blog. You have discussed me for the first time but trust me I will not just let your first offense slide. You mean nothing to me.

To prove this here for the world to see; here is your wifes name

Edited Out TO Protect the naive: does she not? Go ahead people feel free to Google her! Next step is full address posted Ron, then pictures of what you did on webcam last night.

That’s right, those pictures of me making you suck on her dildos and shove them up your ass.

The penalty fee for pissing Princess off is 300 dollars for removal of this information from this public blog, then of course the Make Princess Happy charge of 400. Your I wont Piss Princess off Deposit will not be returned due to breach of contract. Thats right total of 700 dollars makes what is about to be your nightmare go away. Like the loyal little swine you are though, I know you will pay up and no need for me to send you a bill in the mail no?


Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • calvin chavis August 7, 2016, 1:13 am

    From having a small dick and to embarrassed to try to get laid I’ve resorted to chronic masturbation And for some reason when I get so horny I crave Female control And know that blackmail Would be the perfect tool because I like To pretend to be an alpha male When I’m around Girls and they don’t know some of my Embarrassing pictures Ive took of myself To complete slave assignments Or how pathetic I’ve become From never getting sex and being forced to worship and submit to alpha females online while Pretending to be an alpha male In my town Personal life so That’s why blackmail would have me so in fear of being Destroyed And ruined that I would have No choice But to obey everything or else face me alternative.