Blackmail Slave and Financial Wallet Raping

Looking for mp3s or assignments? Losers I put out the BEST mp3s of the century in my last post, if you haven’t listened to a pet exposing me and then me turning around and EXPOSING HIM… well you haven’t learned the TRUE meaning of a hardcore blackmail Mistress yet… Get to it or are you too chicken to have your misconceptions about blackmail turned upside down? To find out you really CANT get out!

Lookie at all that little Chuckie is doing for his Princess! My latest blackmail victim has gotten a supreme wallet raping of 1200 in ONE week. Not the largest pull I have ever done but it is definitely sizable. He has tried so hard to stay in Princess’s good graces and keep from being exposed. Chuck really is a very good example of what you pets SHOULD BE. Not only does he bend over backwards and then some just to keep a smile on my Princess face but he also is extremely polite… but then again you would be too if you were risking THIS PHOTO coming out!

Now THAT is really a pinky pecker if I have ever seen one! Oh wait you losers can’t see the whole penis…. well I have another pic and it is very unimpressive… his poor wife. Wait oh yes about his WIFE, well part of his blackmail assignment was to jerk off into a pair of her shoes for me and take a picture and here you are guys! Imagine if I ever have to out this slave and wife were to see THIS picture of her shoes being splooged on! I am willing to be she will not be too happy!

Before I move on talking about Chuckie well here is another 2 screen shots of my take from him this week, it really does suck to be poor Chuck, rather it really is awesome to be broke and worrying about your wife finding out for AMBERLY!

Please take notice of the 500 amazon tribute followed by the 500 Niteflirt take from the retard. I have protected his Niteflirt name because it has come to my attention those with nothing better to do also like to try and take my pets. Ah nice try You will find its hard to be taken from the ultimate blackmail Mistress of Mean, I mean I am a legend in my own right! What shall I put this poor sap through next? You shall all find out SOON! In the mean time don’t be afraid to send gift cards to me at amberlyownsyou at yahoo dot com, I mean how can I blackmail you from there right? HEHE

I also got a random gift card recently in the amount of 100 as seen to the left. It is so awesome being me, I mean you idiots send me money without even being told too these days! Nothing like awaking to an inbox full of money and then spending it. In fact my new condo is completely furnished and I actually had to give stuff away to friends and family because I ran out of places to PUT it all.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • SpiceMonger May 17, 2011, 12:19 pm

    What a lucky dog!

  • shockandow May 17, 2011, 5:31 pm

    You are so powerful