Break Up With Your Domme For You

Breaking Up With Your Domme:

Yes you read that correct, I will break up with your Domme for you so you can serve THE DOMME! Never before seen or done and yes I am the only person with the balls to do so. And do so I SHALL! I have seen over the years, hundreds of you pets who are wish to serve The Goddess but can not shake loose the extra baggage your carrying. For example: my original blackmail wife phone call pet was already serving a Mistress when he got caught up in my web. Well he proved to be a fun pet and after I did some research I decided he was mine. I am very selfish with my submissives, so breaking up with his Domme is what had to happen.

I am extending this same process to you pets now. If you wish to join my harem but you need me to break up with your Domme for you then just click the application to the right and yes pet.. should I soo choose, I will contact your Domme and not only break up with her… but record the conversation and allow you to listen in! Bet you can’t wait for me to break up with your Domme for you! Do not struggle with the decision though pet… I do not do this for just anyone and I’m sure my spots will be taken up quickly!

Did She Really Break Up With Your Domme?:

Yes I already have some mp3s with Domme’s you might already know, in which I called up and broke up with their subs for them… perhaps if I get enough feedback on the idea I shall release a few of them… perhaps even for free!.. Just depends on you pets though!

Also for those who are paying attention: I finally released my new listing design on my main account page for my Fem Domme listing… OH YEAH its HAWT! Thank Serena at for helping with a bit of a coding glitch. Seriously flirts who read this.. get with that woman!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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