I know its been a long hard road for you pets… Goddess stopped taking calls frequently on Niteflirt for almost 2 years but I am back and boy did you pets miss me! There were periods I would log off just to have enough time to be able to visit the ladies room! My bank account is appreciating the love boys 😉 keep it up. Oh and the tributes? Not hurting either at all.

Some of my favorite pets have come out of the woodwork to greet me back. Of course there is my favorite Sarah!!! My little sissy is going to start playing an online game with me where we can interact with other people. I am forcing him to play a girl character and flirt with other mail characters. Even in a virtual setting she cant get away from being humiliated by Goddess!

I also have the facebook information of a certain DC pet I am debating posting… he is rather annoying and hangs up with out saying a proper goodbye… not to mention is a dumb ass theist… Yes I am of Jewish decent no I am an atheist.. The only sky daddy you will catch me praying too is.. none I pray to myself ;). The idiot was dumb enough to let me get his real name to which I typed in his city and found him on facebook.

Ironically this is not the only pet I have found… another idiot thought I couldnt force him to buy girly outfits on amazon and wear them. He foolishly forwarded me his shipping confirmation… not only his name but his Canadian address… that is two more dummies in less than a week oh yeah dont worry I know Im good lol. I love how easy it is to trap you guys!

There is also John Burgh… who called me without permission and I didnt recognize his dumb ass voice… who votes I block his ass? I DO! I hate pets who try to get one over on me…

Oh and speaking of Canadian pets.. one who tries to allude me but always comes back for more attention has set himself on the path of self destruction. I banged a quick 1000 out of him this week and he has promised another 5k… will that seal his fate into being destroyed by me? YOU BET PETS..

Those of you on my Niteflirt mailing list know about my new humiliated housewife Heather… oh shes a gem. She was soo easy to play and use to get information. I recently have read a book that inspired me deeply. It revealed that we live in a culture today that has desensitized us to many things that protect us. We do not go with our intuition but seek danger. Oh using some of the tactics have really helped me in exploiting this house wife and few pets as well. I will be releasing an mp3 on wendesday detailing the evils in which I have done to this poor woman and perhaps the live phone calls. Beware though pets.,, thinking back on some of the things I have done recently have even chilled myself to the bone!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Cuckolding Princess June 13, 2013, 1:48 pm

    Who votes to block John Burgh? Do it!

  • John June 22, 2013, 11:22 am