High Rate Phone Sex

UpDate RONNIE PAID So what does the title of this blog mean goddesses and retards? It means I got 1000 points on Niteflirt as a rating! paypig was [...]


Hypno Slave Phone Sex

Before I go onto the topic of my latest hypo junkie, lets explore what just happened to Ronald Tisdale last  night. He called me late night begging for [...]


BBC: Big Black Cock Phone Sex

Ok, so its no hidden truth that I am a white girl. It is also well known that I adore black cocks, though maybe not as insane as [...]


BlackMail Ronald Learns A Lesson

EDITED: Ronnie has paid his debt. So Ronald... Moron Ron as I will now call you and refer to you in this blog. You have discussed me for [...]


Ronald Tisdale : Blackmail Public Post

Ronald Tisdale has recently come to me as a real life pet who wishes to be completely controlled; not only financially but emotionally and spiritually. I have told [...]