He Wasn’t A Sissy Till He Met Me!

Sissification is something that I do enjoy, when you know it isn’t coupled with a ton of needy, hand holding, and co-dependent behavior. Many sissies are in fact [...]


Sissy turned into a Cuckolded Slave

I know I have said before that while I have had many sissies that I did enjoy, in general? I am not a Domme who usually has fun [...]


Sissification Series: Part One Craigs List

So pets lots of updates. Trey received many calls and complained to Me that he didn’t want blackmail BWAHAHAA. This was not blackmail pet! You don’t follow through [...]


Strap Ons and Sissification Humiliation

You guys have been commenting and asking for a strap on video so here it is! 7 Minutes of the most wicked body and mind out there. I [...]


New Mistress Pictures and Sissy Mp3s

So as a treat to you Niteflirt slaves your gracious Mistress Amberly has decided to release some preview pictures from my latest photo shoot, paid for by Jessie [...]


Forced Feminization Fantasy

Sissifcation, cross dressers, cock suckers, sissy maids and anal training faggots… I truly love you all. Not sure why feminization is one of my favorite genres of fetishes [...]


Forced Cock Sucking Blackmail

We all know that I HEAVILY enjoy blackmailing losers into submission. I love getting your personal information and posting it and even more I love taking your money [...]


Another BlackMail Phone Sex PET!

Yup thats right I have another pet, Andres aka Pandy Andy. He is a bit of a dandy hahahha get it dandy andy?? Anyways he made the HUGE [...]


Personal Observations

Ok so I usually do a fetishy related post and I get saturated with ims and emails about, Princess can you do a post thats more real? More [...]


More Blackmail Phone Sex

Ok so I make it no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blackmail. I love it when you half wits fill out my blackmail application, I love watching [...]