Custom Mp3s 10 minutes for $10

So My latest mp3 that I have created is about, surprise, blackmail. I tell you exactly how I know I will capture all who truly seek blackmail and [...]


Tempting and Teasing Submissive To My Will

As life goes Goddess is ever changing her schedule but true to My Mistress nature I am forever a night owl. Now that I am settled into My [...]


Forced Panty Wearing and Sissification Hypnosis

What a new mp3? Goddess has been doing a bunch of mp3s lately so sit back and enjoy as your eardrums will soon be filled with My voice. [...]


Control: New Meaning

Thats right, I have redefined the meaning of a very popular fetish yet again. A group of My Domina friends have ganged up and unveiling a new website [...]


Pre Order Slave Sue Goddess New Mp3

LOL Ok so there was no update on Friday because… Goddess got a phone call from a ‘lawyer”. Apparently I am facing ‘felony slander and libel’ charges! Yes [...]


Scott Mc

Paid to have this removed HAHAA


Pet Richard

I removed his posts as he paid to have them temporarily taken down, but as those of you who saw his pregnant girlfriends facebook page, haha the info [...]


Blackmail Victim Leaves Voicemails LISTEN TO THEM!

  Oh wow! SOOO I was on vacation for a bit and came back to THIS!! Tons of voicemails from a sub and his wife in the background [...]


Collin Jeffery

  1) – Colin Jeffery Monroe, 4912 58th Ave Red deer alberta 645 433 556 3) – I have visited a dominatrix twice before and enjoy getting the strap-on used [...]


Niteflirt Girlfriend and New Potential Female Submissive

So this week there are two very special hotties in my life… One whom I share that need to own all men with and one whom I wish [...]