Home-wrecking: Get the Courage to Give Your Wife Up To Me

I get about 2-7 messages a day via My different mediums asking Me if I would take a pet’s wife on… They then just tell Me about how [...]


Wrecking Your Wife Mentally for Goddess Amberly

I have said several times that I love power and the mp3 that you obtain by clicking the picture to the left illustrates this wonderfully! Ruining a pet [...]


Ultimate Mean Girl

Mean Girls, great movie! But in all candor it is totally true! I was seriously one of those mean girls who purposefully would set others up for failure [...]


Wife Humiliation: Tracking Emma Down After 1 Year

Emma’s Torment Doesn’t End: Original Wife Humiliation Do you Niteflirt pets remember Emma Thompson, the original wife humiliation project that I recorded and released? Well today is a [...]


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

I have gotten alot of calls on this topic recently. I know its not on my listings and my website for the better part of going on two [...]


Blackmail Mole

What is a blackmail mole you little niteflirt wimps ask? Well it seems pets its time for my biggest secret to be unleashed. As my site gets more [...]


Blackmail Slave and Financial Wallet Raping

Looking for mp3s or assignments? Losers I put out the BEST mp3s of the century in my last post, if you haven’t listened to a pet exposing me [...]


The Slave Who Tried To Blackmail ME!

Before I get to the story about the newest idiot to hit an all time low with me, here is the corrected link to my Blackmail Confessional mp3 [...]


How to Stay out of Blackmail Phone Sex

Again your Niteflirt Princess took some much needed vacation time to herself… I have moved recently to a new apartment closer to the Atlantic ocean so this summer [...]


Wife Humiliation

For those of you living under a rock, Janet is the Niteflirt addict’s wife who seems to think she can get one up on me! This woman needs [...]