Moving On!!! – Yup Had To Say Goodbye!

Did she just click bait us? Is Goddess Amberly leaving the interwebs? Does the smile on my face above say, “Adios!”? The answer is no, I am not [...]


I Truly Get Off On Life Ruination

Want to skip the rant and analysis of why you pets fall for my life ruining ways? Want to just buy the mp3 from Niteflirt? Fine Click below [...]


Control: New Meaning

Thats right, I have redefined the meaning of a very popular fetish yet again. A group of My Domina friends have ganged up and unveiling a new website [...]


The Slave Who Tried To Blackmail ME!

Before I get to the story about the newest idiot to hit an all time low with me, here is the corrected link to my Blackmail Confessional mp3 [...]


How To Keep A Slave Enslaved in Blackmail

You shaky little niteflirt pets are back and drooling of your favorite blackmail Mistress again. It seems you guys are worried about the Princess because I am blackmailing [...]


Financial Domination: How I Took Every Last Dollar

So in my last post I told you Niteflirt addicts about how this Mistress loves to suck in guys who do not wish to be fully financially controlled [...]


Wife’s Lawyer Calls!

After fighting with this Niteflirt addict’s wife on the internet and over the phone I get a call from her lawyer. Again I tell this idiot about how [...]


Giantess Trampling and Seduction Mp3

So my first Niteflirt newsletter comes out tomorrow for those of you subscribed to the link above, if you are not be sure you do because the update [...]


Wife Humiliation

For those of you living under a rock, Janet is the Niteflirt addict’s wife who seems to think she can get one up on me! This woman needs [...]


New Mistress Pictures and Sissy Mp3s

So as a treat to you Niteflirt slaves your gracious Mistress Amberly has decided to release some preview pictures from my latest photo shoot, paid for by Jessie [...]