Blackmail Wife Learns to Suck COCK!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, I recorded a conversation with EMMA teaching her how to suck cock. Not just any cock for this blackmail wife, oh no this [...]


Blackmail Boss Revealed

It truly baffles me how overall stupid you men can honestly be… I mean you see me dish the gruesomest of dirt on a family then torment them… [...]


Wife Cant Pay Mp3

Poor Emma… I almost feel sorry for the old ass cunt… she can’t pay the $200 she owes me *not to mention the $700 bill that Eddie boy [...]


Humiliated Wife Full MP3

That is right this saga continues! Much to my delight and riches might I add. The full part 2 mp3 is out. Even though Emma did manage to [...]


Wife Humiliation Update

So if you haven’t heard the blackmail phone call heard round the world your majorly missing OUT! Ill post the preview AGAIN, this post: It has caused quite [...]


Full Blackmail Humiliation Wife Call

So you bitches thought I would release a 15 MINUTES MP3 REAL LIFE PHONE CALL FOR FREE!!! No please try to act like your not so dim. So [...]


Blackmail Wife Phone Call

Yup, that’s right! Another one of you blackmail lovers has slipped up. This time it was Edward. As outlined in our blackmail contract, he was to make 4payments [...]


Personal Observations

Ok so I usually do a fetishy related post and I get saturated with ims and emails about, Princess can you do a post thats more real? More [...]


Hypno Phone Sex

One fetish I particularly love and will soon be reflected in my slew of mp3’s coming out tomorrow and the one I am releasing now as a precursor; [...]


Phone Sex Brainwashing

So Troy calls me up last night wanting my INFAMOUS hypnosis that he hears so much about from my blogbrainwash podcast and I dished it up real nice [...]