New PTV Games and Niteflirt Mp3s

It has been a while since I have done an actual blog. Life of a Goddess is ever busy. I have been particularly busy with Richie; he really [...]


Will you Fall For MY Blackmail?

Hello pets! I have been super busy with My personalized pay to view game that came out recently. Seems you pets can not get enough of My attentions; [...]


New Stroking Addict Humiliation

Photo Paid to Be taken Down: That is a pet of mine indeed; jizzing on his credit card he uses to pay Me. I tell ya, tributing Me [...]


Female Niteflirt Submissives

Oh click on the screen shot to My left pets and see something that I see on a daily basis; not sure why ever it took Me so [...]


Cock Control

Oh the Goddess of Niteflirt LOVES to control your cock… no I mean seriously. Sexualty for centuries has been the way to control the masses; be it by [...]


Slave Video: Watch My Humiliated Submissive Worship Me

Check out this free video of one of My recent cam sessions with a submissive. Watch as this drunken idiot writes all over himself and just looks utterly [...]


New Phone Hours: Free Minutes Read Entire Post

So Goddess is actually taking calls regularly again. You can catch Me from 6 pm to 6 am every night Eastern Standard time. Oh did I mention free [...]


Update on My Favorite Pets

So Goddess has been busy lately and this week will be in VEGAS, on yeah!  But before I go a post about some of My favorite current pets. [...]


Non Blackmail Service Positions

Every day I get potential subs and slaves who clammer to Me wondering desperately if they can serve without the looming fear of blackmail. I constantly blog about [...]


New Husband Outed to Wife : Live Mp3 Phone Call

Husband Humiliated Live on the PHONE So I called yet another wife this week, well last week before the Noreaster hit where I was staying. I have to [...]