Niteflirt Beta


Blackmail Mistress

I find it almost hiliarous that you fools are constantly hounding me for more assignments that will lead to your destruction. You are basically begging me to become [...]



I know many users, both niteflirt flirts and the niteflirt users, have been very frustrated with much of the functionality missing and the glitches, but now that it [...]


Blackmail Slavery

Poor poor Joe has had to learn the hard way that blackmail with me is very real. He intended to just message me here and there to learn [...]


Niteflirt Pay to View Game

I often wonder what is the lowest you freak balls on Niteflirt would go fetish wise to please and impress a Princess such as me. At least once [...]


Forced Feminization Fantasy

Sissifcation, cross dressers, cock suckers, sissy maids and anal training faggots… I truly love you all. Not sure why feminization is one of my favorite genres of fetishes [...]


Confessions From Blackmail Princess

Ok so its been a long time since I have done a blog post about me, rather than stuff going on on the Niteflirt Princess side of things [...]


Reprogramming Wife Sexual Responses

There is a secret to reprogramming your wives sexual responses, this Princess of Niteflirt knows exactly how to do so. Soon you can have your wife doing whatever [...]


BDSM Slave Exposed

So the fool in the picture I last posted wants blackmail but doesn’t even have 100 bucks to spend… well here you go loser for messing with a [...]


Slave Gets Blackmailed

So this is my latest loser to fall for my blackmail assignment. Such a sucker! He sent me his information but left out a few important details so [...]


Blackmail Assignment: Niteflirt Addicts Temptation

One question to you Niteflirt bozo’s who read my blog religiously… is it cruel to put the temptation, the drug you are addicted to in front of your [...]