Landlord Blackmail: How I Got My Rent Paid

Yes I know its a sign of the apocalypse that Goddess is doing some blackmail fantasy! It has been long since known that you can serve me without [...]


Spankity Game

Only the best new game in town pets, I have made another game for you pets to get even more addicted to Me. I call it Spankity. Try [...]


Slave Updates and Random Blackmail Jabber

Oh my little sissy Sarah trying on a cute thong, Sarah really knows how to brighten my day, A BUNCH of you slaves could learn from her! Sends [...]


Turn It Up, Get Turned On, Turn Off YOUR WIFE!

Hello pets! I would say I am back from hiatus but I KEEP saying that and its becoming repetitive  As I always tell you louses; actions speak louder than [...]


New Husband Outed to Wife : Live Mp3 Phone Call

Husband Humiliated Live on the PHONE So I called yet another wife this week, well last week before the Noreaster hit where I was staying. I have to [...]


Niteflirt Blackmail Results

SOOO pets, seems to me that many of you would prefer to have someone shown mercy over “murder” hehe. The votes came in split with MANY yahoo messages [...]


Choose My Latest Blackmail Victims FATE

So another one of my pets have messed up royally and now has to pay the price… but I decided to take this game of cat and mouse [...]


Prepare for Blackmail

Prepare for my Blackmail Subbie: That’s right my blackmail lovers, after the massive success of my blackmail one on one game I am simply forced to create a [...]


Personalized Blackmail

Blackmailing One on One: Personalized Blackmail Forget Blackmail For All, Personalized Blackmail JUST FOR YOU! That is right pets, Goddess has created a new Niteflirt pay to view [...]


Seductive Click and Train Game

Extremely Seductive Training Game: Yes your favorite seductive Goddess has been MIA a tinge at least with blogging. I am still working on as we speak and [...]