Slave Video: Watch My Humiliated Submissive Worship Me

Check out this free video of one of My recent cam sessions with a submissive. Watch as this drunken idiot writes all over himself and just looks utterly [...]


Control: New Meaning

Thats right, I have redefined the meaning of a very popular fetish yet again. A group of My Domina friends have ganged up and unveiling a new website [...]


Put Your Wife In Her Place: Girlfriend, Significant Other… Dream GIRL!

I get so many of you pets who cry, I dont have a life this doesnt apply to me…   If you have anyone who you believe is [...]


Gaining Goddess’s Attention

So with the popularity of this past Friday’s pay to view, not posted here but on My private blog and sent out to a select few pets, I thought [...]


Tease Video : Cult of Amberly

Click to the right to see My latest video pet. Always thinking, Goddess is creating a set of worship videos that have the ultimate destruction in mind… That [...]


Landlord Blackmail: How I Got My Rent Paid

Yes I know its a sign of the apocalypse that Goddess is doing some blackmail fantasy! It has been long since known that you can serve me without [...]


Spankity Game

Only the best new game in town pets, I have made another game for you pets to get even more addicted to Me. I call it Spankity. Try [...]


Slave Updates and Random Blackmail Jabber

Oh my little sissy Sarah trying on a cute thong, Sarah really knows how to brighten my day, A BUNCH of you slaves could learn from her! Sends [...]


Turn It Up, Get Turned On, Turn Off YOUR WIFE!

Hello pets! I would say I am back from hiatus but I KEEP saying that and its becoming repetitive  As I always tell you louses; actions speak louder than [...]


New Husband Outed to Wife : Live Mp3 Phone Call

Husband Humiliated Live on the PHONE So I called yet another wife this week, well last week before the Noreaster hit where I was staying. I have to [...]