Control: New Meaning

Thats right, I have redefined the meaning of a very popular fetish yet again. A group of My Domina friends have ganged up and unveiling a new website [...]


Seductive Click and Train Game

Extremely Seductive Training Game: Yes your favorite seductive Goddess has been MIA a tinge at least with blogging. I am still working on as we speak and [...]


Addiction Niteflirt Assignment

So I finally managed to find time during the week to update my blog other than on Fridays.. and this time it is a truly devious update! You [...]


Niteflirt Financial Domintion

So I didn’t do a blog update last week… opps? I have been so busy lately raping wallets and keeping this new Niteflirt Domme I have working for [...]


Blackmail Pyramid: World Domination

Your Niteflirt Princess Amberly has truly had a stroke of genius, no that wasn’t a pun… It is way to easy to get blackmail information on you bozos [...]


Wife Humiliation Mp3

So for however long it stays up there is the youtube to my latest preview wife call! Over the weekend I wasn’t able to mass mail you losers [...]


Reprogramming Wife Sexual Responses

There is a secret to reprogramming your wives sexual responses, this Princess of Niteflirt knows exactly how to do so. Soon you can have your wife doing whatever [...]


Slave Gets Blackmailed

So this is my latest loser to fall for my blackmail assignment. Such a sucker! He sent me his information but left out a few important details so [...]


Blackmail Assignment: Niteflirt Addicts Temptation

One question to you Niteflirt bozo’s who read my blog religiously… is it cruel to put the temptation, the drug you are addicted to in front of your [...]


Blackmail Fetish: Another Bites the Dust

So since the start of the Thompson drama, I have had 16 * most as of recently strangely * fill out the blackmail application and get signed for [...]