I got INTERVIEWED? Free Podcast Listen!

Listen to “E11 – Interview with Goddess Amberly Rothfield, Online Phone Domme Operator” on Spreaker.https://widget.spreaker.com/widgets.js I told you guys I would be getting interviewed! The lovely couple who [...]


New Husband Outed to Wife : Live Mp3 Phone Call

Husband Humiliated Live on the PHONE So I called yet another wife this week, well last week before the Noreaster hit where I was staying. I have to [...]


Blackmail Challenge: Can You Beat Mistress Amberly?

  Yes I KNOW! OMFG Princess is putting up another podcast after SOOO LONG! IT was bound to happen… I just like to watch you losers squirm cause [...]


Wife’s Lawyer Calls!

After fighting with this Niteflirt addict’s wife on the internet and over the phone I get a call from her lawyer. Again I tell this idiot about how [...]


Wife Humiliation

For those of you living under a rock, Janet is the Niteflirt addict’s wife who seems to think she can get one up on me! This woman needs [...]


Lawsuit and Wife ARE REAL OMG

Click below to buy the mp3 in which I recorded this crazy bitch calling me repeatedly over the past 3 days trying to get me to leave her [...]


Princess Destroys Submissive

Is this the hottest blackmail video preview or WHAT? The answer for you dweebs is yes it really is! I have done it again and again rolling in [...]


Princess Seduction Mp3 Game

Your Niteflirt Princess throws another one out of the ball park again… I made the most devious Niteflirt game even BETTER! I know who would have thought huh? [...]


Wife Humiliation Mp3

So for however long it stays up there is the youtube to my latest preview wife call! Over the weekend I wasn’t able to mass mail you losers [...]


Blackmail Assignment: Niteflirt Addicts Temptation

One question to you Niteflirt bozo’s who read my blog religiously… is it cruel to put the temptation, the drug you are addicted to in front of your [...]