Mistress May I Cum?

Mistress allows you to cum! We both know the only way you get to cum is if a hot Mistress such as myself allows you too. Well since [...]


My Niteflirt Submissive Female

So those of you on my niteflirt list should already know about Holly Golitely if not clicky here pets . And if the link doesn’t light up [...]


Blackmail Pet Exposed

If you Niteflirt slaves missed my tweets last night you missed so much! I have a new blackmail phone pet who actually tried to test me to see [...]


Niteflirt Ultimate Family Destruction Assignment

I had a stroke of genius last night and let my premium list of losers access a rare paid mail on Niteflirt. I created what will be known [...]


Life After Blackmail Mp3

Yet another soon to be legendary blackmail mp3 created by me, something few Domme’s will even devulge but your lucky… I go above and beyond with the blackmail [...]


Blackmail Wife Humiliation

Yes my little niteflirt pups its THAT time again! Another blackmail submissive has slipped up and pissed the almighty Princess off, thinking I wouldn’t be able to track [...]


Niteflirt Pay to View Game

I often wonder what is the lowest you freak balls on Niteflirt would go fetish wise to please and impress a Princess such as me. At least once [...]


Forced Feminization Fantasy

Sissifcation, cross dressers, cock suckers, sissy maids and anal training faggots… I truly love you all. Not sure why feminization is one of my favorite genres of fetishes [...]


Blackmail Assignment: Niteflirt Addicts Temptation

One question to you Niteflirt bozo’s who read my blog religiously… is it cruel to put the temptation, the drug you are addicted to in front of your [...]


Niteflirt Blackmail Phone Sex FAQ

I have had a rash of messages regarding guys who wonder about both niteflirt beta and blackmail so I decided, much like my Niteflirt FAQ to make a [...]