Chastity Belts Podcast


Ok so here is my podcast number four its much longer than my normal podcasts as its me rambling *with a slightly sore throat* about my thoughts, views and opinions on that which is Chastity Belts! DUN DUN DUN!

Within my crazy lady rant I go over why all men that are submissive should wear belts, I mean simply to show who is boss and that to gain that satisfaction from proving to your Master and or Mistress that you can, are and will be compliant to whatever tasks that are asked of them.

I briefly address a misconception of wearing chastity belts and exalt my favorite belt the mighty CB 3000; before I spoil more of my pod cast however I would like to continue on with more news to my website.

I would like to do fetish interviews from now on with my girlfriends on my podcasts and you can help! Within the week I will be changing my polls and posting pictures and brief descriptions of my girlfriends and let you pick which girl and essentially which topic will be discussed in my next podcast! It’s like readers choice awards but better! Listener’s choice awards?

So be sure to be here with bells on! *curses the fact that shes southern and her southernisms will never leave her!*

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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