Confessions From Blackmail Princess

Ok so its been a long time since I have done a blog post about me, rather than stuff going on on the Niteflirt Princess side of things so here we go. Skip down to the end if you want to buy my latest blackmail mp3’s and cuckold mp3’s.

School this semester has been fairly hard but still getting the high marks that my parents are used to seeing; thanks to a little Asian boy in my Physics class. Racist? Perhaps but well we know the Asians are smart as hell and this particular one is very nerdy and has like no friends. It was simple to convince him that doing my lab reports and subsequent homework was the right thing to do. He also works as a teachers aid and scored a copy of the tests for me before hand in many of my classes. Less time studying means more time partying! All this poor sap requires is a pat on the head, a kiss on the cheek and verbal reassurance and I am golden!

Princess why don’t you blackmail someone into being your homework slave? Simple bozo’s! I have done this in the past and you guys are such block heads I swear. How does an English Lit teacher write a crappy English Lit paper? How can a Math major not be able to solve problems correctly? I will never again put my GPA into the hands of a horny bum ever again. Oh don’t think any of these nimrods hurt my average! I always proof read what they turn in before I turn it in and if its sub par of an A+, well then it gets thrown away.

As many of you know I have two places of residence now. My dorm room on campus at the sorority house and my apartment where I typically record my mp3’s, throw parties and hang out on the weekend. The dorms are cool but sometimes a girl wants more space and to get away from the hens in the coup. Plus its hard to get laid when you live with 40 other girls around * ok so its only 20 but we always have friends over so it could be 100+ people in the house at any given time *. The apartment is coming up on leasing so I am totally moving into a house this summer, and no not a summer house but a real house that will be mine. You guys have me so well kept that getting the down payment together was extremely easy and quick! I expect the same for paying the bills guys… perhaps I will have an adopt a Princess bill page up soon. Look for my wishlist to change up as well, it shall be you losers who fill up my new house with stuff!

I get so many questions about my boyfriends it is unfucking real! First off, it is my philosophy to never have a boyfriend. I go on a few dates with a guy but never give any hint or talk about exclusivity. Guys my age have only one thing that I desire and that is in their pants. Most have no real assets; property or otherwise, in their names, their jobs leave something to be desired and they are all interested in just getting into my pants. Since our main interest in each other match why not go with what works and cut the drama part out of it? Once a fling starts to look serious or the I WANNA GIRLFRIEND drama starts… its time to find a bigger dick and manlier man!

This is not to say I don’t have standards for guys my own age that I use for sexual gratification. They must be SUPER HOT, well endowed, have decent amount of money * thats right not even REAL MEN get away without a lightened wallet with me * and tolerant of my tantrums because I won’t lie, I tend to throw a ton of them. I like to keep about 5-6 guys who meet my qualifications around but only focus on one more than the others, that way I am never without a date or suffer through what most lame girls go through as a dry spell. Once the main one gets to his expiration date its on to the the next, then I find a replacement for the one who moved up a notch on my Princess totem pole, so to speak.

As for my friends, its a different story. Most girls cling to having as many friends as possible and being their for their girls and what not… I have never really been that way. Truthfully, I hate most girls… find them weak and disgusting… Most search for a man to complete them, give up THEIR last name then are made to pump out kids and take care of everything blah blah blah. Am I a feminist? Perhaps but I hate labels.. I call it like I see it.

I could careless if I am liked and use girls as much or more than I use guys. Girls I find fear me because I am so independent and they know with or without them I will be successful so they latch on to me in hopes of living vicariously and getting the scraps I leave behind. Does this fact bother me? No! Remember I am using them! The key to making it in a club scene or any social event is your entourage. Being as girls flock to me, I can select the best of them to be around me and included in my entourage. This makes me even more desirable. I dictate who they talk to * usually the guys I don’t want to * and who they dont * usually the guys I WANT *. I organize the events so they always fit my schedule, they always benefit me and they always are something I WISH to do. These lemmings don’t mind because well… what else would they be doing anyways?

As far as teachers go, they also get the same treatment from me. Being as I know all the important people on campus * including faculty *, I also know all the secrets on campus. Who is porking who; which teacher has has which fetish, which teacher is an addict to what drug… I just find out their secret and exploit it when I have a problem in class. Most professors look the other way as I twitter in my classes on my laptop, they count me present when I am actually away and I always get floated grades if for some reason a test was low scoring or whatever. If for some reason, there is no dirt to be found; I transfer to a professor that I DO know stuff about OR I FIND stuff about them. One of my good friend’s dad is a skip tracer, with a man like that on your side not much people can keep hidden from you.

So that is basically and update and more insight on your Princess. Yes it is true everyone gets blackmailed by me in some way shape or form :P!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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