Control: New Meaning

Glamour-PicsThats right, I have redefined the meaning of a very popular fetish yet again. A group of My Domina friends have ganged up and unveiling a new website that is years in the making. Its a known fact that many of Us Dommes talk amongst each others and often share stories. Hell most of Us read other Dommes blog posts for the sure hilarity of what you fools will do for us. Over the years I have collected a few close Domme friends as I have collected thousands of pets just like you. We have created strong bonds that have endeared Us to each other and trust that allowed Us to help fuck over the little weak pets who slither onto Our radars. At first We would just laugh and share bits of information but then We figured out how lucrative everything can be; both financially and for sheer mind fucking value. We found Ourselves collaborating and bouncing pets from one of Us to another and escalating their depths into Our world. Soon reality and Our fantasy world blurred and Our little minions had no clue what or whom they were truly working for. Thats ok though zombies, you are mean to do just one job hehe, as we say ;).

Anywho the website is not currently available just yet but we hope to launch this weekend, stay tuned!

So to the right is yet more worship material to prepare you for this weekend’s release and launch of Our new website. More Glamour photos for you to worship and deepen your devotion for Myself as your brain gives in to My desires. How fitting to become more of a weakened pet whose only purpose is to make Goddess Amberly happy? Very if you ask Me;)

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • John Riley November 12, 2014, 6:01 am

    Why would I want to be bounced from Mistress Amberly to another domme? In life, when you are willing to accept second best, that’s what you get!