Cuckold Blackmail

Peeping Tom’s have the stigma of being evil and violating; that and usually its considered a crime. To me though its absolutely thrilling and exhilarating to be watched while I am with my man of day. I’m so not your average college co ed though; I mean how many students find cuckolding hot? Peeping Tom’s I find are rarely anything to fear, if anything its more fun to entrap the tramps, hehe get it tramp? They are just cuckolds waiting to be discovered!

So how do you convert the voyeur into a salivating pay piglet cream pie eater? Well the answer to that question can be found BELOW in my Converting a Peeping Tom into a Cuckold Blackmail Mp3!

In the mp3 you are the peeping Tom and I am talking directly to you! Telling you what I am going to do to you and HOW I am going to force you to submit.. resistance as you shall see will be futile but its ok I realize you will struggle anyways!

There are definitely other ways to blackmail cuckolds! In fact most of my cuck sessions are taped so that I can do more hardcore FORCED cuckold sessions later! Why do forced cuckold sessions or “cock holding” as so many of you idiots keep calling it . . ? Simple… many just want the voyeur experience of watching a porno live; this simply is not kinky enough for me nor gives me the power we all know I crave. My cucks do not get to sit back like a lump and not participate in the fun being had and get to eat me out in the end as a reward for simply funding the operation…. they are to participate. From being a support apparatus for fun sexual positions to fluffing my big black dicks to catching any run off! I don’t want jizz on my silk bed sheets…

Some cucks are reluctant to doing certain tasks appointed to them, especially with a Real Man present before them. This simply means that more force is necessary.. cuckold blackmailed into forced cuck tasks!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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