Cuckolding and Cockholding *giggles*

Why do I find this topic so fucking hilarious that it needs it own blog post? Simple! Cause I find so many many guys contacting me asking if I will some how cockhold them? At first this puzzled me *maybe I was buzzed? who knows!* I try to deliver fantasies whenever a guy really has one he wants to discuss so I asked very nicely, softly, slowly, and with tact…. You want me to hold your cock?… Then what?…?

The answer is either a click cause I am apparently suppose to correct what some dingbat pushed into this poor losers mind or they ask me to fuck a guy while they Watch! I always giggle and chuckle a bit then say the term is CUCKOLDING, comes from the cuckatoos who the female cheats on hubby has an egg and leaves him to lay on it. *sounds like an awesome species from my vantage I must say*.

Yes this post isn’t my normal 100 page post but I thought I would bring a chuckle and education to the people out there reading.

Happy Fetishes!


Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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