Domination Style: Why I am Different

domination-styleSo anyone who has followed Me closely throughout the years knows that I am a hot topic of many different blogs BUT I only really talk about Myself. That is because I am so busy with My own things I rarely notice anyone cause I have so many pets begging for My attention. This mp3 talks about more than that though. It also talks about how My blackmail style is very different. Most Dommes are just far to scared to actually go through with it but I am NOT! As my Wife Humiliation  Mp3s are a testament too, I will out a pet with heartless words to his most beloved people.  I also discuss the evil topping from the bottom and how I do not tolerate it. At any rate, if your wanting to learn to approach Me right and get the best shot of not feeling My wrath then this mp3 is for you!

So tomorrow My new design goes live! I am so excited to spruce this place up and have a new look, I have been lazy and its been a while. I plan to make it easier for you fools to find My blackmail application and a few more goodies! I also plan to make it easier for you to join my Newsletter. Im considering doing a weekly podcast as well but unsure, leave comments below if your interested and if enough pets wish to hear my thoughts on various BDSM related issues then perhaps I shall restart my podcasting schedule.

I am loving my return to taking calls though I haven’t been keeping the hours aforementioned. I am still jet lagged from a recent trip and trying to get my schedule onto this time zone… not working out like I would have hoped but I am catching many of my European fans on Niteflirt! I am planning on getting back on the 8 am to 3 pm schedule for Tuesdays through Thursdays. You may see me on the weekends and even Monday but there is no set schedule for those days. Remember again you can always schedule with me by messaging me on yahoo, niteflirt or even leaving a comment on the blog 😉

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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