Don’t Think Just Be Addicted

I hope you pets have me added on Niteflirt, I just sent out a spam to my more preferred pets with a new special assignment. I was going to release it for everyone and post the pay to view here but I decided against it at the last minute. It is fun to release to pets who have been good and shown they have potential to be Mine. I am very selective in whom I choose to sink my teeth into. Since coming back and taking calls…. I see alot of pets who have been poorly trained and some who have had no training at all. I shall break it down for those not in the know… I will not now nor ever cow down to a slave. Your fetishes; while can be used against you, will not be used to give you pleasure unless you have been a good submissive for my Goddess self. This is known as topping from below and is not tolerated in any way what so ever. If you are my submissive, than my pleasure is paramount not yours.. Only after I am pleased can you expect or rather hope for any sort of pleasure to come your way. I treat good pets exceedingly well but my standards and demands are excessively high. I have many pets and many trying to get a spot in my life a day… I can afford to turn any pet away.

That said, I do enjoy my stroke zombies. Dont think for a minute I am quiting blackmail but I do do more than just blackmail and creating an army of stroking zombies who will do whatever I command or whomever *hehe* is extremely fun! I love getting guys worked up and either denying or ruining the pleasure they sought and fought so hard for in the first place. You all give such valiant efforts but all fail in the end at my whim. I am making a few mp3s geared towards this genre this weekend. If you would like a custom mp3 make sure to message me before then and perhaps I will squeeze you in and make you a personalized stroke zombie mp3!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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