Extreme Blackmail Addiction: How Bill Fell

I have many pets whom I would indeed call extremists; always looking for the next high when it comes to their fetishes. Fetishes can often be better than any chemical high one could ever experience. I am always coming up with new tasks for those who need that something more to show them exactly how much control I have over their lives.

I have had one of My pets; I call him Bill Fold * his name is William get it? HAHAH *, for a long while now. BillFold really thought there was little else I could do to him and being as he has been mine for a number or years… thought that his grand exit was coming up. We do this dance ever so often and with the same results. Sad sad BillFold!

Well Bill got an email to his work email that is monitored Entitled: You should read this Mr. Fold. He opened it and read what would look like just incoherent ramblings to the average person but each sentence alluded to things he has done previously that he didn’t exactly WANT to get out. The sad sap called Me with haste to ensure we were still on steady terms and to ensure that I would not send a message again. Willy freaked out realizing that he had previously lied about where he had worked but well… I am the Goddess of Blackmail. I let the lie slip though I did know the truth; after all he has been fairly faithful and never shown disrespect throughout our entire exchanges throughout our time. It was time to play the “Yes I do in fact KNOW” card.

BillFold went back to work the next day as usually, though perhaps a bit more sweat grazing his browline ;). At 11:35 right before he begins his routine to clock out for lunch … a package arrived for him. Inside were a few photos of places I know he has gone and jerked off in parking lots * I have the actual photos of this with his face showing *, also was a stuffed teddy bear that was an exact replica of the bear his wife has and has had since her youth… the one I had him hump on several occasions and unsew and jerk off into and sew back up. Also another coded letter telling him to call Me for lunch and tribute Me 1500. I had that pending ptv aka pay to view paid by 12:02!

Of course he once again called and I explained that I didn’t email him and asked why be mad 🙂 I kept our agreement. He came so hard * with permission * after that call.

Bill went home that night not realizing that I had another package awaiting him and seeing the initials ARL on the package he knew exactly whom had sent it. He took it in the house but got busted by his wife. She apparently didn’t hear the doorbell or knock when it was delivered. Inside he found absolutely NOTHING!  That is right! He called again telling Me about his elaborate story of what he had purchased from his Nazi of a wife. He then had to explain why the box was empty and yes this was ALL engineered and planned out by Moi.

Settling down for a day of many near heart attacks, Bill’s phone rings. It is his neighbor stating that he got a package that he believes was Bill’s. While it was addressed to himself, clearly the note was talking about BillFold and to come pick it up. Inside was again another note but using Bill’s real name and what looks to be just babble and gossip. It was also sent from ARL.

BillFold now realizes the long reach of Goddess Amberly!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • twerp November 18, 2013, 8:16 pm

    Deliciously evil and subtle mind manipulation. You are truly a devious blackmail queen 😉

    It sounds like he’s ready to be pushed a level further though… Maybe you should make him do more self-incriminating things, and send you more damaging evidence of it, so if/when you decide to blow his world apart it’s going to be that much more spectacular.

    Also, I have a novel idea for a way you can manipulate a blackmail slave once you have him by the balls. Make him record a new voice-mail message for his phone, where he says something like “Hi, this is [NAME], I can’t come to the phone right now because I’m too busy jerking my small dick to gay porn. If you leave a message I’ll get back to you when I’m done eating my own cum.” Then make him turn off his phone, call it to verify that the message is there, and then make him leave it on there for as long as you like. If you call it and that message isn’t played, then you can mail his boss/wife/parents/whatever…

  • DreamOfAmberly November 16, 2014, 3:55 pm

    I hope that I never underestimate ARL. That would not be too smart.