Feminization: A Brief Dive Into

Sissification Made Simple

Sissification Made Simple

I get so many many calls from my sweet little femme boys waiting me to do various things to make them more girly or force them or black mail them into humiliating themselves. What astonshies me though is most call kinda knowing what it is they are after fantasy wise but not understanding their fantasy. You know whether you are bi-sexual or not or even are bi-curious; yet, confused as to how to convey that to me, as if I would balk and hang up on you….

So in order to celebrate one of my many favorite types of slaves I am dedicated a whole blog post to forced feminization and the types there are. Please note this is comprehensive and there is no way one could sit and write a blog post solely on every avenue and nook and cranny of forced feminization and possibly have a life, *laughs herself sick*. Lets get started shall we?

First of what most of the fem boys love is being humiliated in some way shape or form. Be it to wear cutsie girly pink under clothes like bloomers and pintafores; to suck cock like a back street whore or be ass raped by a mythically long and thick black stud with the fucking stamina of Hercules; to be dressed up in the nines like a Sac’s Fifth Avenue Mannequin only to be pimped out like a dime store hooker in a cheap motel while I stand outside and collect money; to be enslaved by a dominant being who will use them to clean their house and do other various demeaning and gross chores we ourselves all detest in doing; to be dressed in female attire or any state of undress or dress and paraded around outside in the publick (example: shopping at Victoria Secret’s or going to clubs and trying to pick up men for laughs and giggles). Sure I could continue with the examples but no matter the limits of the sissy or fem boy there is always the factor of humiliation; be it willingly or forced.

Lets define the difference between Forced Feminization and just feminization. Why did I capitalize the first? DUH! To emphasize that its FORCED as in COAXED! This is the guy that gets caught sniffing your panties and as punishment you FORCE you walk around your house in them cleaning as your friends stop by or make him wear a thong to work. This guy is the one that wouldn’t go purchase the undies for his own pleasure willingly, wouldn’t doll himself up, doesn’t dream of cock or sucking huge fat dripping pieces of man meat… NO, untill you introduce him to the lured world of it. At first even the second or fifth time he is reluctant and has to chastized and firmly handled in order to mold him into doing as I want. This is the guy where you must dangle that perverbal carrot in front of his nose, remind him you have pictures of him in those stockings and garters and thongs and heels; remind him you know his wife’s cell number; you know where he works and the such to get him to do even more humiliating and degrading and ever more outlandish things which only prove to dig is well ever so deeper. To sum it up this is the kind of guy that can be made to do anything!

Then we have our sissy tea parties cuties! These can be tons and tons of fun as you can dress them up like a life size barbie, change their name, get your nails done with them, exchange gossip, get your hair done, massages at day spas, shop and just about anything you would normally do with a normal everyday chicka you hang out with. There is a bit of a split though; more of a three way.

The first guy wants to be completely female, so much so he is almost a tranny but not quite ready for that step or might never. “She” dons herself as a female daily if only to wear women’s lingerie when “she” MUST run around in “her” man outfit. “She” wants to go out and dance with you and party with you and even pick up tonights fuck with you. “Her” goal is to be as feminine as womanly as girly as possible. She calls her penis her clitty, her ass her pussy. She grows her hair long and plucks her eyebrows. If she were a woman she would ALMOST upstage you! *giggles*

Next you have the guy that is just like the above forementioned; however, wouldn’t go as far as to suck cock though may eat cremepie. For those who don’t know what cremepie is its when a man ejackulates into a female’s cunt and leaves it there only to eat it out of her pussy or to have some cuckold, sissy or the like to eat it out of her pussy. They love to be girly and much of this fetish is an intense fantasy that they will most likely never truely do in real life or if so will do on a limited basis. Either way they are a blast to dress up and parade around for personal amusement.

The last guy likes to dress up whenever the mood strikes him and he is horny. He likes to feel a bit feminine while he jerks off in the mirror looking wonderfully smashing in heels, waist high silk panties that trap the human bodily scents so well and a nice marabou baby doll. He loves to be sneaky about it too; going into dorm rooms when girls are out on Friday nights and raiding not the panty drawer but the dirty laundry bin; going to laundry mats and casing them out to see when an unsuspecting female walks off without so much of a suspicion that her underthings will be wisked away the second she takes her car just on the other side of the building. Once inside he sifted through the bras and jeans and dresses and silks and satins and saffon till he finds the panties and bras and stockings that match his particular kink! He shoves them down his pants or tee shirt and scurries out like the rat that he is and back home where he can wear them as he beats off into a mirror to narcissitically admire his self in his beauty and taboo yet oh so criminal endevere. This guy is a personal favorite as his fixation is that of addiction and it only grows as each time he gets away with it!

So we have gone over the first section of females, onward and upward to the cumsluts! *again another personal fave!*

Cumsluts come in so many many varieties and flavors that its almost so hard to go into the different catagories so I will speak generally and admit there are varitions to the normalcy I am placing on this interesting yet disgusting delicious and twisted group! Now the reasons for being a cumslut vary so much which is the sole reason why there are many different types. Some are bi-sexual or bi-curious, some just like the taste yet consider themselves straight, a nice chunk are addicted to some form of heavy drug and pimp themselves out to pay for their addiction *making me the enabler?*, a few enjoy the humilation aspect, you have your cuckolds as well, along comes the aforementioned sissies who want to be more feminine *this is one of thier ways of being more so, so they straddle two catagories, as many people with fantasies and fetishes do” and bringing up the rear are the FAGS!!! The straight out flambouant sissies who are marvelous, love cock and not afraid to show it!. All of them want to be gang banged *ok some don’t want actual anal sex but most do!* by as many gigantic cocks as they can! Fill the Dallas Cowboy statium with hot young, hard bodied, black, 10 inch or more , thick aching cocks and set him in the middle and he is officially in heaven and maybe comparable to Jesus in his eyes!

So for you sissy fucks who were not quite sure where you landed in the spectrum and have a hard time describing your kinks and fetishes, not out of complete and utter shyness or disgrace with one self for having to admit it to another living breathing human; I hope this guide will allow you explain to me or anyone else you encounter what it is exactly your looking for when being girlified!



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