Fetish Phone Birthday Bash

Guess who’s birthday is coming up really soon? I would love to think those who I have reminded previously on all the well wishes and plush lush gifts and tributes towards my birthday bash! Before the big day I would like to give you guys what you always email me crying for.. dun dun dun * as if you haven’t guessed already* a podcast! This one is completely narcissistic and all about you know who, Ms Amberly Rothfield herself. Just some random details about me and also more information regarding the big day.

The venues have been picked and are as follows, they will start on campus with me and the girlfriends the night before; doing the stereotypical female pamper projects in regards to our primping. Hair, outfit selection, toes, finger nails and of course an impromtu dance session to rock band in front of mirriors while being intoxicated.

I cant decide personally between these two dresses, feel free to call *winks* to tell me your vote:

Dress A:

Phone Dom Pink

Phone Dom Pink

Dress B:

Party Princess of Niteflirt

Party Princess of Niteflirt

Moving along, I know I know I haven’t podcasted, its amazing how many emails I get pleading for me to podcast. So starting tomorrow when I unveal all I have been busting my ass over the past few weeks; you get a podcast EVERY FUCKING DAY.

As to what I have been working on; I have created a few pay to view games for my niteflirt money pig junkies to play and a few for the non money piggies that are just as fun bit a cheaper. I have one new gallery availible with some new picture packs, its a great upskirt and foot picture set if I do say so myself. I have a slew of new listings with even more to come and also different designs as well. I have more recorded listings which more will be out later this week as well as mp3’s and more tasks, assignments and quizes. I’ve also created what I call the Fornification Forecast, it is a quiz of sorts but the variables of the quiz change every day, so you get a new answer every day. The concept is to figure out your fuckability and compatibility to me.  In lay man’s terms, do you have a snow balls chance in hell of fucking this fine ass spoiled rotten brat of a Princess? Your Niteflirt fuck dream! The answers are fucking hiliarious! Be on the look out for my wall papers, ringtones and other treats in the upcoming days as well!

I also redesigning this site due to the massive amount of stuff I offer now. Its funny I get guys asking me where does my inspiration come from. Seriously its some creativity but its mainly you guys. One guy wants a wallpaper? I make a button and sale it to you call. Some one wants a ringtone, I make others and sale, its that simple. I like to provide fun stuff that not only benefits me but is different than what other girls are putting out a bit.

Also my calendars come out officially on wendesday. I am doing niche fetish calendars with special dates noted through out the year so you can stay on top of your Amberisms. Also I am still working on the Amberly dictionary or Amberly to Moron Translating Dictionary. Bet you can’t wait.

I promise my next couple of posts will not just be about nf though they will have fun stuff for you guys to grab through out them. Senseless self promotion what can I say 😀

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Billy Joe November 18, 2008, 12:20 am

    Princess I personally like the 2nd Dress It looks very nice and attractive for your needs on whatever you do with it which can be very good on how you dress in it for whatever your needs are…