Fiancial Domination and Consentual Blackmail


I tried and gave it the most valent effort a girl could but I can simply NOT blog once a day every day; to many other factors in my life, mainly my live in subbies but we can get back to that later. As for updates, it is 2 days to my birthday and I want to shout out to my guys who are showing me love! Including the 5 $150 dollar Amazon gift cards I was given yesterday by Mr. Joe! Mr Joe is a bit of a sissy and as a contradiction to what he is I decided it fitting to give him a nickname of Mr. Anyways he completely forgot true submissive protocol on one of our Niteflirt phone calls, to which I had to set himstraight. It wasn’t long before all my paid mails were paid and I recieved the five separate $150 dollar amazon gift cards in my mail box. For those who would like to follow him my amazon email account is, I only accept gift cards. When I asked why he did this he said it was because he couldn’t send all on one card or his wife would find out!

Look how Mr Joe Spoils Me

Look how Mr Joe Spoils Me

Before I go into the subject matter of the post I thought it wise to post some of my favorite pictures of my favorite submissives. Now these aren’t recent, well as recent as last month or so, due to my complete scatter brainness and neglect of my blog but here they are.

This little sissy loves when he calls me on Niteflirt and send me pictures for posting. Please note I never show face unless given permission. He or should I say she?, loves to be treated like the cute little prancer twinkle toes she can be but just for me, hehe. Please note she has been featured in my blog before and worthy of being mentioned here in this post.

Submissive Dressed in Women's Clothes

Submissive Dressed in Women

This one is a recent photo of one of my favorite piggies/sissies. He wrote on his puny, insignificant pecker for me to prove who was his favorite phone dom. Now if that is not devotion, I don’t know what is! I love when slaves prove how deep in love they are with me and this one almost takes the cake. Ok so later I will describe the ultimate proof that you are committed to your dominant but for now here is a decent start for those who are humiliation sluts and love to be cuckolded as you deserve to be! Or is it cockholded? *inside joke that started in a previous post for those who haven’t been following along*.Please note the picture is in fact upside down, Mr Limp Loser couldn’t write upside down so we compromised this one time.

True Subby, Small Dick

True Subby, Small Dick

Ok we can all stop laughing right now, ok no really stop the snot ball crying as I was doing when I recieved these pictures a while back and even as I had to hunt them down in order to post. Let’s get back on track ladies and gentlemen.

Financial domination can be done in a variety of ways which all depends on both the subject and the subjected! For instance, while I find 100 bucks a month laughable, one slave asked if this would be significant in order to enter my harem of the pay piggies. I laughed him off and told him to multiply that by 10 and we might begin talking. To him the 100 was alot but also proves this is just a fantasy for him. True pay pigs want to give up their everything. Live on a shoe string and damn their wife if that would be my desire. They cut down their extravagant spending in order to spend more on me. They leave tributes after every purchase and no not any 25 dollar ones but 100’s. They leave tributes  when they try to contact me and I am not around. They have me design their budgets and choose what they can and can not have; what bills will and will not be paid. They get a second mortgage to pay me, they take loans and apply for credit cards to pay me. This isn’t just to get off but a desire, compulsion and need for them.

Many think I have to have something on them or be blackmailing. While blackmail is a form of fiancial domination it is not the only way make these losers do your bidding as far as money and presents go. You pay me cause I am fabulous and much better than you deserve and know what to do with your money to make it worth while. I do not have you whine, cry or scream to get them to either. All I have to do is ask and you will provide or you will be quickly out of my life and forgotten like the trash you are. As pretty as I am, as popular and as important as I am its easy for me to find something or someone else to fill my time that will be entertaining or more productive than helping some cheap guy get his rocks off for free.

Ok so now you get the premise of financial domination here is what to expect. You will be given tasks to do and a certain amount will be expected out of you daily, weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Miss payments? Expect late fees! You will also keep in touch with my frequently and no I don’t mean free mails. You will call or chat with me on Niteflirt through paid mails. You will never cum/ orgasm without paying the cum tax and expect late fees on that as well. Your money is mine and any excuses for not paying will not be acceptable. Your wife? FUCK HER! Bill? FUCK THEM! Credit card limit reached? Extend or get another! I’ve heard it all….

As for blackmail… I only believe in consentual blackmail; which is where the sub and the dom come to an agreement of the boundaries of the blackmail. The blackmail is used more as a punishment than exhortion mechanism, which is to keep the submissive underthumb and ensure he keeps his commitments and also heightens the relationship between the dom and submissive as that risk of discovery and danger now exists.

These can often be alot of fun as I love to threaten and take screen shots of the emails or camera pictures of me about to call a phone number. This sends the sub into an incredible orgasm to which they rush after blowing their load to trying to stop me before I expose them to thier friends, family or co workers. Or in Evan’s case on Craig’s List.

With me and my black mail application which can be purchased by clicking here :

I have you fill out the application and if you miss a question your application is denied; however, if you fill it out to it’s entrity and I accept you we then make a contract which we both will agree on and so begins your path down the very scary and bumpy road to damnation or salvation, you choose which it will be.

I leave this post with this warning, becareful who you choose to give real information to and who you go into these types of submissive and dominant contracts with. Yes it may sound kinky at first but if in the wrong hands you may have a mess on your hands.

With that Happy Fetishes!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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    I wish that I could do this for you Princess as my clit is really tiny and you need a magnifying glass to see it Princess.