Finally Made It to 250 Points

In my short time on Niteflirt actually taking calls I have achieved a mini mile stone that I am sure in a month’s time I can wiz through like nothing yet again…. thanks to the throng of guys that worship me and live this wonderfully wacky lifestyle we call bdsm! You guys are always good about leaving me feedback and of course spoiling me. Also speaking of feedback if you look at my main listing you will see one glorious little pighead who called me lame, *laughs ass off quite literally*. Not that I like to be dramatic nor care about my feedback so much as I know in a few days it will be buried under a mass of more positive things I just found this little story funny as fuck! Guy calls me up and asks if I will bark like a dog, now I remind him nicely he called a domination line and I am the one that likes to ask if he barks like a dog. He answers no and our quick little 2 minute conversation is over. He then emails me on Niteflirt asking that I refund him or give me free pictures because I scammed him. Please guys not just for me but for all us working girls, do read the ad first and try to think with your top head not your lower one before you click to call? I told him go ahead leave me bad feedback its just a testiment to how I won’t let a dead wrong customer or subbie walk all over me. Not even 2 minutes after he did (almost longer than our call) my sweetie comes along and calls him a savage and spoiled me loads!

Also I have a new extreme tasks out for you humiliation sluts look for it in the tasks section. It is quite extreme…. and only for those that like to end up crying at night at the dignity I sucked from them.

I am also working on some erotic stories, they will be lumped with the tasks but labeled appropriately. They will be more like long diary entries about my dates with my black studs, cause as you guys know I crave black cock. I love how it feels in me and every time I have it it feels different but so good! So I will publish in my blog the short versions, omitting the nicer parts and in my stories you can read about the entire night and all the juicy tid bits and in some cases pictures of the acts!

For you audio freaks, I love you all! I will also make mp3’s where I talk about it! Both free versions and full ones, how I hate the word free lets call it a trailer? Shall we?

ok Guys I have to hop off and will be back tomorrow with an interview with one of my favorite Niteflirt Dommes. Check in tomorrow to see who it is!


Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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