Financial Domination and Wallet Control

It has come to my attention that many of you do not get the full gist of my website.

As if the name doesn’t spell it out for you, MONEY OVER MEN… Guess you now know my priorities? With that bit out of the way I wish to address a few… annoyances that remain in my circle of control.

If my call buttons says Availible then you can guess I am just that, up and ready and willing to take calls! You have been preapproved permission to call your Princess and worship me accordingly. The last annoyance as of recent is the slew of guys seening my yahoo id button to the right and trying to chat me up for long periods of time under the premise that they want to get to know me before they call…

You are the loser who I would NEVER EVER talk to in real life even if some how you got me to knotice you. I do not chat to cheap asses at all… period! Don’t have money? TO BAD BOZO! You do not deserve my attention without earning it and that goes for everyone. Either your one of my hot friends who I have fun with, a teacher I have to put up with, a pay pig who bought his way into my cold ass heart, or a big dicked guy who is my flavor of the hour. Trust me if you have to yahoo me or message me on Niteflirt you are non of the aforementioned sans some form of a pay piglet!

What should you expect when you message me on yahoo without properly gaining my attention? A quick hello followed by are you setting up a call or a ptv session? Do not call or pay my pay to view expect yourself blocked till you pay up on Niteflirt and beg to have me take you off block! BITCH!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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