Financial Domination Facts

submissive-male-worship-young-womanFinancial domination is such an umbrella term but for some reason, many believe that it is just a narrow sect of BDSM.

Really everything you can possibly do on Niteflirt, is in fact financial domination. (be it you being the sub or the flirt). This is why I am so big on not allowing for topping from the bottom, but that rant for another day.

See, if your a foot worshiper, you are still being financially dominated. Like hypnosis? Yup you too. You just like watching hot girls ride on dildos? You sir, are still being financially dominated.

If the stipulation for you to get what you desire is for you to whip out your wallet, you have joined the ranks of those who have been financially broken by a Domme. ( or Dom, depending on your preference ).

Even the vanilla girls ( and not dogging them, in fact I applaud them as I can not do those types of calls ), at 99 cents who will do whatever you want…. are financially dominating you ( high fives my sistas!).

Financial domination is simply making someone pay to do get what they want.


Guys can dominate the girls in this situation as well. Sure, every girl can disconnect and move on if they are dissatisfied with the ‘customer’… but if a girl needs the cash and stays around?? It is her being dominated. Doing what she does not want to, just for a few bucks.

Do I think that is the case more often than not? HELL NO. There are so many guys circling that ocean that as a skilled fisherman… we are always fine. Now someone first coming the the scene, yeah I have first hand experience with that. I am one of the few who can say they started at 18.

I was a broke college student and started on the vanilla side of NF but quickly realized that I do not have the attitude to take those calls. Not a knock at girls who can, some think what I truly enjoy is just out there too. Different strokes right?

In those cases though, it was I on the submissive end and no it wasn’t just because I was taking vanilla calls. Vanilla call girls can be dominate in that they are doing what they love and will ditch a guys who do not fall into that mold.

So back to the topping from below issue. TOpping from below is simple: are you hinting or trying to get me to do what you want and putting an incentive out there? I have had many pets try to dangle the carrot of a few hundred dollars if I do something for time… in some cases thousands… Would I like the cash? Wouldn’t hurt.. But even just saying do x y z and I will give you cash, means you are in the driver’s seat. No… Not at all.

As it comes to blackmail, telling me if I go into your bank account and do whatever, is topping from below. Me hunting you down, then showing you what I found JUST to get you to spend money… topping from below. Basically if you are trying to get me to do something for you in the way you want it done FOR a certain price… makes me the sub and no sir I will not do it.

I am a true Domme in every sense of the word, and I do not bow to you or really anyone.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Steven January 14, 2016, 8:55 pm

    There is no one better than Amberly. Niteflirt name: amberlyswhore

  • Paul January 16, 2016, 9:07 pm

    your voice turns me stupid Goddess