Financial Domination: The Many Variations of Money Slavery

Princess Money TakerFinancial domination to each individual as political views are to each person. There is definitely no clear cut way to “financially dominate” anyone. I mean the basic theme of money passing from one person to another is there but there are SO many ways to go about it.

Example: most guys do not view simply calling me to talk about how they love my ass and wish to worship me as them being financially dominated. They believe it to be paying for a service rendered; whereas, some Dommes “not speaking for myself” would believe that it is financial domination in it of its self. Some guys do not think sending a wishlist item would be considered financial domination; whereas some would. This all depends on the individuals involved in the exchange of cash.

For me personally, there are 5 types of financial domination situations. Blackmail, Human ATM, Money Slavery, Power Exchange and finally the most popular PayPig. I understand, these are terms that are just tossed about on every blog and every “domme’ page you come about; however, let me assure you that I have clear definitions for said terms and do not throw them around loosely in an effort to seem like I know what I am doing. It takes finesse and brains to milk a good cash cow and I have both HAHAHA ;)!

Blackmail as you all know is every popular for me; I blog about it, I utilize it and I live it. Blackmail is pretty cut and dry, though there are many facets to it as well that is NOT what this post is about, read my past posts for more of my thoughts and facts on the matter. Blackmail equals one party having information on another party that the other party doesn’t wish to be released. Said party then pays or bribes the other party into NOT releasing said information or doing such an act. Methods of getting the information vary but I always have you hand it over. I am not a carnival monkey and will not BEG to blackmail your ass.

Now human ATM’s are often referred to on Niteflirt and financial domination blogs all over the internet but still many of you know have not the foggiest idea of what it is. A human ATM is not a drive by tribute or a one time stop for cash deposit. For that see Pay Pig…. A human ATM is just that! Someone I can message and say, ” Hey Joe, I need $200.” “For what Princess?” “NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS NOW MAKE A DEPOSIT!” ” YES MAAM!” That is about how our conversations go! You know the only usefulness you have is your check book and rather than try to bore me with your selfish fetishes or try to make me earn the money I deserve you just toss it over. Human ATMs ask little to no questions and USUALLY * at least in my case* get the best return. When you give unselfishly, I believe you deserve to get a little extra ;). This said, Human ATM’s do not just give when asked but also make random deposits as well. If your a human ATM, you do get fully enjoyment out of spoiling and just that!

Money slavery is a term commonly used but poorly defined as far as my research has gone. Hence why I am defining it now! Money slavery for me at least is for those who really want me to take control. Not some ethereal sense but true control of their fiances! My money slaves turn over their budgets to me and have me play accountant. I keep your bills low so that all the extra money comes to me. Get ready to have water bread and rice as your only foods! This is a form of extreme financial devotion that FEW submissives are ready to take the dive into and with good reason. A Domme has to be careful with such as having a submissive loose everything is only detrimental to the Domme. Why cause them to loose their car? The sub can then not work, which means he can not earn money to afford the Domme, so on and so forth. A Domme with skills in balancing a check book would be a non brainer here ;). Wait who has a Degree in Business?? I DO!!!

Power exchange; while, seeming like money slavery is not entirely the same thing. This form of financial slavery takes money slavery even further! With money slavery you can at least make a few choices of your day; with power exchange you can not. Your whole life is now mapped out by the Domme. What time you go to work, if you get a shower, how long your breakfast will be, how long your toe nails shall be… EVERYTHING is ushered and monitored by the one you gave the power too. Oh thats not financial domination blah blah blah…. um yeah it IS! Currency is how we determine what we will do or rather how we shall go about our lives. If the Domme controls EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, not just the input and output of the cash flow, then she is essentially running HOW you make such input which then in turn determines HOW YOU put your outflow. In money slavery, I will tell you what bills you will get rid of and how to cut back. In Power exchange I tell you to trade in your BMW for a 8 year old sedan lemon. I restructure your life to give me the best benefit.

Finally the category MOST of you pay sluts will fall under: PAY PIG! You are the guys with selfish fetish needs and need your financial fetish fixes, though most of you don’t understand its a financial exchange at all!! Yes you love my ass, yes you want to worship my ass but did you notice that your wallet got MUCH lighter MUCH faster when I decided to allow you to view my close up ass pictures? No?? Well that $50 tribute doesn’t say that! Or how about how I forced you to pay to cum or pay to stroke or pay to get access to the already accessible videos I have up? I simply figure out your fetish and then make you pay MORE than the per minute rate to get your fix. Its the oldest hustle in the book and you still fall for it hook line and sinker every fucking time its AMAZING! I apply simple tease and denial practices to take a “submissive” and turn you into what you read and think PFFFT ILL NEVER BE THAT! Ha BITCH YOU ARE!

So for those of you loyal bitches still reading be sure to check back tonight as 3 audios will be posted along with pictures for my members!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • moneyidiot December 19, 2009, 12:28 pm

    Princess Amberly. The way you describe the diffeent kinds of moneyslavery is simply so clear and illuminating. I have never read anything like this before. I worship you Princess Amberly.